Off-Campus Conduct Policy

Students are expected to demonstrate respect for all members of the local community regardless of their place of residence. Check out the USF Fogcutter for further information. 


  • Be respectful to local community residents. 
  • Prohibited behavior includes but is not limited to littering, loitering, destruction/trespassing of private property, public urinating, public nudity, using rude or abusive language. 
  • Operate stereos or other electronic equipment at reasonable sound levels, especially late at night or early in the morning and in-line with San Francisco Police Code Article 29 Section 2909 
  • Maintain an orderly residence. Examples of a disorderly residence include, but are not limited to violating drug and alcohol laws, hosting parties where there is public drunkenness, excessive noise, or other behavior in disregard of the rights of others, violating the Sexual and Gender Based Misconduct guidelines as defined in the Fogcutter Student Handbook. In all cases involving student misconduct off-campus, the University reserves the right to invoke the student conduct process. 


Remember that our neighbors live here year around and this is their home. Since USF is unique in that we surround residential housing we ask that you pay special attention. While commuting through these neighborhoods/streets, especially the pathways to Lone Mountain and our Education Building . These streets are: Roselyn, Chabot, Kitterage, Tamalpais and Annapolis.


No loitering, smoking, drinking, loud noise, or littering within most outdoor areas. 


I have chosen to live in a residential neighborhood and I understand I have specific rights and obligations to both my fellow students and non-student neighbors. 

I understand and agree to these policies and requirements as listed in the Code of Student Conduct and outlined in OC resource manual.  I also understand 

I have the right to live in safe living conditions.