Physical One Card Users

If you will be on campus and you are a Contingent, Contractor, or legacy card holder - you may need a physical One Card. The physical One Card allows you to make transactions, access buildings, and serves as entitlement verification all in one as a part of the USF One Card Program. Please see the following instructions below regarding the steps to receiving a physical One Card.

Instructions for Current Students, Faculty & Staff

  1. Upload a new photo for your ID by visiting One Card Online. The photo MUST adhere to current photo submission guidelines.
  2. After your photo is successfully uploaded you will then need to set a pin for your One Card. This pin will be used to enter your room in your Residence Hall if you will be living on campus or your Office if you will be working from campus. Please refer to the following guidelines:
    1. Your pin must be NUMERIC - no letters or special characters.
    2. You must set a pin that is 5-9 digits in length (a good example would be your zip code).
    3. If the pin number set isn’t something easily recalled, we recommend that you take note of the pin you have set to ensure when you arrive on campus you will know how to enter your room.
  3. If you have successfully uploaded your photo and set your pin, please wait for an email confirmation that your photo has been accepted. If you receive a notice that your photo has NOT been accepted, please begin from Step 1 for the photo submission process. Please note you DO NOT need to reset your pin number if your photo is not accepted.
  4. The One Card Office will notify you when your card is ready to be picked up.

*If you do not have an existing myUSF account login, please contact the One Card Office via email at for further assistance.

Instructions for Contingents & Contractors

If you are a USF community member but are not a student or an employee of the University, you still may be eligible to obtain a USF One Card for campus identification purposes and/or to access University services.

If you are eligible, please email or schedule an appointment with the USF One Card Office after your sponsoring office has authorized you to obtain a card. Authorization generally comes with the completion of our Contingent ID Request Form for contingents or our Contractor ID Request Form for contractors.

Contingents include Fromm students, Loyola Village residents and KUSF volunteers. Contractors include Bon Appetit, USF Bookstore, Copy Center and Able Maintenance staff.

Please note that you are expected to retain this card throughout your employment at USF. If you experience a break in your time here, you should return your One Card to your supervisor who either should destroy the card by shredding it, or return it to the One Card Office (returns will need to be coordinated by emailing our office for further assistance).

Refer to the Replace a Card page for additional information.