Connect the Dons

Group of student smiling and holding a GO Dons sign.Our community spaces are sessions where current students, alumni, faculty, and staff will share stories, insights, and advice with our newest students. In most sessions, new students will also be able to connect with fellow incoming classmates. Our community spaces are formed around a shared identity or common goal to build community.

  • These spaces will take place July 20 - July 29.


Connection space  DATE time  Description
Native American Student Connection TBD TBD Native American students have made an impact at USF towards land recognition and building awareness of current experiences of Native American peoples. Come to this session to learn about these efforts and how you might engage with fellow students and courses to build your connections as Native American student.
Latinx Student Connection TBD TBD Calling new students who identify as Latino, Latina, and Latinx! Got questions about classes, campus resources and student organizations? Come to this virtual space to find some answers while learning about USF directly from Latinx students, professors, and staff!
LGBTQ+ Student Connection TBD TBD Are you wondering what it's like to be an LGBTQ+ student at USF? Join this space to get some of your questions answered and learn more about engagement opportunities throughout the academic year.
Trans and Non-Binary Hangout Space TBD TBD Are you a Trans* or Non-binary (TNB) student looking to connect with other TNB students? Join this space for the opportunity to build community and learn more about services that are available to you.
Transfer Student Connection TBD TBD Are you a new transfer student? Zoom in and meet other new and current transfer students, build connections, and ask questions. This event is created for transfer students by transfer students.
First-Generation College Student Connection TBD TBD Are you the first, or among the first, in your family to attend college? Join us as we meet and connect with current first-gen students who will share stories and answer any questions you have about navigating college life.
Black Student Connection TBD TBD “Envision the Community you need.” Join current Black-identified students as we explore ways to imagine and build the community that will help you succeed at USF.
International Student Connection TBD TBD Do you want to hang out with other international students at USF? So do we! Come connect with other international students on campus, and learn about resources available to you at USF.
Veteran/Military-Affiliated Student Connection TBD TBD Come connect with other veteran/military-affiliated students on campus, and learn about resources available to you at USF.
Undocument/DACAmented Student Connection TBD TBD Start building a community at USF! Join us in this space of community building where you will have the chance to meet current student leaders and connect with fellow incoming students who are in the undoc/DACAmented community. We will be sharing information on resources and answering questions you may have about navigating USF.
Native Pacific Islander Student Connection TBD TBD We encourage our new students who identify as Indigenous Oceanic, Native Pacific Islander, and Pasifika people to join in this community space to welcome you to USF! Learn about campus resources from Native Pacific Islander staff and faculty members who will guide you in ways to become involved, find connections, support your learning, and utilize all the campus offers!
Asian Student Connection TBD TBD Are you an incoming student who identifies as East Asian, South Asian, South East Asian, or West Asian? Join this virtual space to build connections with current Asian students, professors, and staff at USF and get all your questions about classes, student organizations, and campus resources answered!