Sitters & Caregivers

General Resources

Urbansitter is like the "Zipcar" of booking a babysitter. You do have to sign up for a membership, but then you can search for sitters, book them and pay for them all through the site. You can list all the various parent groups you are part of (e.g. your kids school, Golden Gate Mothers Group, etc.) and find sitters recommended by your network. USF Parents Group is now on the site as a "parents group" so please add it your profile so we can see each other's sitter recommendations.

I find that a lot of USF students are listed on Urbansitter, so it makes it really easy to set up a quick time to chat on campus and square the details away before they come to my house.

If you haven't joined already, use this referral link and you'll get $35 towards your sitter fees!

I just learned about this new app that seems best for preschoolers and up. You have to pay a membership fee for this also, but then you can use it like Uber to arrange for rides w/ carseats to take along with your child or you can use it to book a quick "sitter" to pick your child up and take them from one place to another.

Sensible Sitters
Sensible Sitters is an alternative to Urbansitter run by the woman who started the Main Street Mamas group on Facebook. I haven't used it to book a sitter yet, but she has had some sitters present at some of her events and they all seem terrific!

Golden Gate Mothers Group
In addition to being a huge mother's group with tons of recommendations and activities, GGMG is a great resource if you are trying to find a nanny. Members are constantly posting that their caregiver is leaving or that they are looking for a fellow family for a nanny share. There is a yearly membership fee but you can usually recoup it by taking advantage of the various discounts around the city or by using the classifieds to buy used items or sell stuff you are no longer using!