2027 Strategic Plan - June 2023 Update

The following is a copy of the content presented in a Strategic Plan Update PowerPoint presentation to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees on June 12, 2023.


  • Anastasia Vrachnos, Vice Provost of Global Education, Immersions and Strategic Initiatives
  • Christopher Brooks, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences 

Action items and progress towards goals

Addressing short-term imperatives

  • Rebuilding enrollments via Strategic Enrollment Plan (ISEP)
  • Task force on undergraduate retention and student success 
  • Comprehensive graduate enrollment strategy 
  • Design and launch high-demand new programs

Planning for long-term success

  • Masonic Campus renovation - occupy by AY 24
  • Core curriculum redesign process – new core curriculum by fall 2024 
  • Ann Getty Institute of Art & Design
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Initiative

Strategic Plan “Top Five”

Action Items

  • Rebuild enrollments and improve retention
  • Diversify revenue streams 
  • Evolve our education so that it’s future ready 
  • Strengthen our community 
  • Tell our story in our words 
    • student outcomes and ROI
    • impact in sf and global reach
    • faith that does justice

Broader Impact

  • De-siloing, and construction of new neural pathways
  • Deeper conversation and examination of our Jesuit identity and how we infuse it into everything we do.
  • Strengthening community through consultative, participatory process

Note: An organization is more like an organism than a cathedral; these efforts need to be nurtured and sustained.

Complexity and Impact Chart

Complexity and Impact Chart

The graphic presents each of the recommendations on a grid characterizing their complexity (meaning cost, difficulty to accomplish, or other barriers) and impact. (Please see the SPAC Integration Document/Appendix 2 for numberings). Within this graphic, recommendations are color-coded according to strategic plan themes. This is a qualitative figure intended to allow the reader to visualize the recommendations; ‘complexity’ and ‘impact’ are not metrics with numeric values, and the relative position of two points is not meant to imply a ranking between them.

Next Steps

Looking ahead:

  • Prioritize high-impact, low cost ideas and implement within existing resource envelopes
  • Incorporate Leadership priorities and initiatives after discernment
  • Work with development and OCG to identify donor and grant-writing opportunities 
  • Streamline SPAC structure to guide implementation next year
  • Ensure each priority goal has KPIs and assessment for every recommendation (August/Sept)
  • Refine and adapt goals and implementation plan (on-going)