Jesuit Foundation Grant Awardees

Fall 2018

Religion and Spirituality in Promoting Psychological Well-being among Marginalize Persons
Barbara Thomas, Senior Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
Cecile Bhang, Doctoral Psychology Intern, Counseling and Psychological Services

Spring 2018

USF 101 - Jesuit Vision Stories
Marilyn DeLaure, Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences

Operation Streamline & Family Separation: A Collaborative Research Project with Kino Border Initiative
Genevieve Negron Gonzales, Assistant Professor, School of Education

USF Community Engagement for Disability Justice: A collaboration between university and community scholars
Emily A. Nusbaum, Assistant Professor, School of Education
Nicola A. McClung, Assistant Professor, School of Education

Community in Conversation with USF Public Safety Officers
Charles Ramsden, Community Service Office, Public Safety

"Black-Jewish Relations"
Aaron Hahn Tapper, Professor, College of Arts and Sciences

Investigation of the acculturation experiences of Iranian immigrants living in Malaysia
Christine Yeh, Professor, School of Education

Fall 2017

Summit for Social Research: Bridging the Universities and Social Ministries of Jesuits West
Erin Brigham, Director, Lane Center, College of Arts & Sciences

Liberation Psychology: An Inclusive and Affirming Approach Based on Ignatian Principles
Daniela Dominguez, Assistant Professor, School of Education

Spring 2017

Gathering the Graces: Women, the Spiritual Exercises and Jesuit Education
Julie Dowd, Director, University Ministry

Diploma Impact Evaluation: Jesuit Higher  Education in Dzaleka Malawi
Emily Golike, Strategic Enrollment Management

USF Speaker Series in the History of Jewish-Christian Relations
Aaron Hahn Tapper, Assistant Professor, Arts & Sciences

Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm-based Data Science Research and Development: Medication Adherence System for Low Incom Pregnant Women
Diane Woodbridge, Assistant Professor, College of Arts & Sciences

Forum for Transnational Collaboration
John Zarobell, Assistant Professor, College of Arts & Sciences

Fall 2016

Mathematics in the Belizean Context
Nathan Alexander, Assistant Professor, SOE

USF at the Margins: A Sustainable, Jesuit Approach to Expanding Access and Improving Online Higher Education for Refugees
Shelly Helgeson, Assistant Director, International Student and Scholar Services

The Early Jesuits and the Arts
Kate Lusheck, Associate Professor, Art History / Art Management & Museum Studies

Jesuit Refugee Service Video-Case Analysis: Jesuit Leadership and Hospitality Praxis
Thomas Maier, Associate Professor; John Koeplin, Associate Professor; Marco Tavanti, Professor, School of Management

Jesuit Refugee Service Video-Case Analysis: Jesuit Leadership and Hospitality Praxis
Marco Tavanti, Professor, SOM
John Koeplin, Associate Professor, SOM
Thomas A. Maier, Associate Professor, SOM
Julia Dowd, Director, University Ministry

Looking Glass: Community Based Research With Foster Youth
Saralyn Ruff, Assistant Professor, CAS

Spring 2016

From Classroom to Clinic: Preparing PsyD Students to Work with Stressed and Underserved Families in the Transition to Parenthood
Dhara Meghani, Assistant Professor, SONHP

Can a Summer Reading Program Prevent Learning Loss?
Helen Maniates, Assistant Professor, SOE

The Influence of Catholic Schooling on the Philosophy of Education of Latino Education
Ursula Aldana, Assistant Professor, SOE

Supporting Healthy Food Access & Long-Term Eating Habits Among How Income Cancer Survivors in Sonoma County
Elizabeth Katz, Associate Professor, CAS

Reflecting on Whiteness Dialogue Series and Research
Michelle Montagno, Assistant Professor, SONHP
Karin Cotterman, Assistant Director, Leo McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good

Undocumented Students at a Bay Area Community College: Barriers, Supports & Experiences
Genevieve Negron-Gonzales, Assistant Professor, SOE

Dialogue, Understanding & Tolerance: Muslims, Buddhists, & Jesuits in Asian and Beyond
Stephen Roddy, Associate Professor, CAS

Fall 2015

Bringing Laudato Si', the Pope's Encyclical, to Nurses
Barbara Sattler, Professor, SONHP

Women's Wisdom Retreat
Leslie Theodore, Associate Vice President, Alumni and Donor Engagement, Development

Ignatian Retreat for Residence Hall Staff
Paul McWilliams, Associate Director, University Ministry

The Ignatian Ignatian Management Exercises
Richard Stackman, Associate Professor, SOM

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: A Roadmap for USF Faculty
Shawn Calhoun, Associate Dean, Gleeson Library
Julia Dowd, Director, University Ministry
Martha Peugh-Wade, Associate Vice President, Human Resource
Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi, Vice Provost, Diversity Engagement & Community Outreach

Spring 2015

Integrating Jesuit Spirituality with Culture: A Collaborative, Experiential Retreat for International Students
Emily Czarnik-Neimeyer, Assistant Director for Retreats, University Ministry
Guanzi Shen, Academic Success Coach, CASA
Ray Lin, Staff Psychologist and Director of Outreach, Student Life

The Sharing and Transfer of Leadership: An Examination of Community Building in Latin America
Rebekah Dibble, Assistant Professor, SOM

Managing Multiple Missions: Learning from Urban-Serving Research Universities
Desiree Zerquera, Assistant Professor, SOE

Arts in Corrections: Opportunities for Justice and Rehabilitation
Amie Dowling, Associate Professor, CAS

INTERWOVEN: Catholics and Native Americans in Conversation about Missions, past, present and future
Gloria Simmons, Associate Director, Thacher Gallery, CAS
John Zarobell, Assistant Professor, CAS

Eloquentia Perfecta in the 21st Century: A Faculty Development Program in Public Speaking
Michelle LaVigne, Assistant Professor, CAS

The Ignatian Lectures on Writing and Spirituality
Dave Madden, Assistant Professor, CAS

Fall 2014

Lives in Motion, Rights in Focus
Monisha Baja, Associate Professor, SOE

Reconnecting Wisdom & Experience: A Retreat for Teachers
Center for Teaching Excellence Co-Directors

Jesuit Accompaniment Symposium: Local and Global perspectives on forced migration, refugee service and modern slavery
Marco Tavanti, Professor, SOM

Spring 2014

The Anti-Oppressive Book Project
Nicola McClung, Assistant Professor, SOE
Arturo Cortez, Adjunct Professor, SOE
Lenna Onishi, Program Assistant, Learning & Instruction, SOE

Open Boundaries: A Community in Dialogue on Transgenderism & the Spectrum of Gender Identity
Stefan Rowniak, Assistant Professor, SONHP
Chenit Ong-Flaherty, Assistant Professor, SOHNP

Pursuing Faith & Justice thru Education: Filipino Expatriates' Advocacy for Marginalized Communities in the Republic of the Philippines
Brad Washington, Assistant Professor, SOE Fall 2013

University Ministry Faculty Lecture Series
Donal Godfrey, S.J., Associate Director, University Ministry

The USF/ICA CNA Program
Timothy Godfrey, S.J., Assistant Professor, SONHP

The Ethical Dimensions of Data Science
Jeff Hamrick, Associate Professor, SOM
Matthew Dixon, Term Assistant Professor, SOM
Cynthia Thompson, Assistant Professor, CAS

Rich Media Website to gather and promote Best Practices in teaching, Jesuit Values to business students
Paul Ryder, Term Assistant Professor, SOM
Kim Connor, Program Director/Associate Professor, SOM
Richard Callahan, Associate Professor, SOM
Sonja Poole, Assistant Professor, SOM
Jennifer Walske, Assistant Professor, SOM
Kevin Lo, Associate Professor, SOM

Shifting Terrains of Citizenship: Undocumented Youth and The Politics of the "Undeserving" Immigrant
Genevieve Negron-Gonzales, Assistant Professor, SOE

Development and Evaluation of a Cultural Empowerment Program for Atayal Aboriginal Youth
Christine Yeh, Professor, SOE

Combustion Reactions of Selected Furanic Fuels Investigated via Synchrotron Photoionization Mass Spectrometry
Giovanni Meloni, Associate Professor, CAS

Spring 2013

The Ignatian Camino
Donal Godfrey, S.J., University Ministry

Integrating Immersion Experiences through Ignatian Spirituality
Mike Duffy, Lane Center for Catholic Studies and Social Thought
Erin Brigham, Adjunct Professor, Theology & Religious Studies, College of Arts & Sciences

Faith and Reason: The Jesuit Legacy in East-West Scientific Exchange
Xiaoxin Wu, Director, Center for the Pacific Rim, College of Arts and Sciences