Nominated Students

Congratulations on your nomination to study abroad!  Your next steps are outlined below and may be completed through your online application on the TerraDotta portal.

Next Steps

  1. Submit a Waiver of Liability form.
  2. Submit a Petition to Enroll in Another Institution (PEAI) form.
  3. Submit a Leave of Absence form **only applicable to students participating in an External Program**
  4. Complete the following online forms through your online application:
    1. Passport Information Questionnaire
    2. Emergency Contact Info Questionnaire
    3. Domestic Health Insurance Info Questionnaire
    4. Ambassador Contact Info Questionnaire
    5. Electronically sign the a) Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection Plan b) Study Abroad Policies c) Sponsored Programs Information.
  5. Apply for a student visa if necessary.  This can take up to 60 days and there are strict protocols to follow.  Prepare and plan ahead!  It is a student's responsibility to obtain a student visa.
  6. Attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Meeting.  Our office will contact you with pertinent meeting details.
  7. Make airline reservations.  Obtain necessary immunizations and meet with your physician to discuss travel plans and handling of prescription medication abroad. 
  8. Plan USF courses for your return semester with your faculty advisor or school Academic Dean in CASA. 
  9. Pre-arrange USF Housing with Student Housing and Residential Education (SHaRE), or complete a Housing Release Form if you will not live on campus upon your return.
  10. Spring semester study abroad students should complete their FAFSA application online before departing for their study abroad program.

If you have additional questions about the status of your post-decision documents, please call us at 415-422-6848 or email us at  For visa-related questions please contact your host program coordinator; our office only provides visa guidance for study abroad programs going to Spain, Italy, or France.  It is the students' responsibility to obtain a visa, please plan accordingly.