MA ECON Newly Admitted Students

Program Layout

M.A. in Economics: Core Courses

Core courses are required of all students:Lone Mountain Stairs

· ECON - 601 Microeconomics: Theory and Applications

· ECON - 602 Macroeconomics: Theory and Applications

·  ECON - 615 Mathematics for Economists

·  ECON - 620 Graduate Econometrics

·  ECON - 690 Graduate Seminar

Comprehensive Exam are required of all students to Graduate:

All students must pass the Master's Comprehensive exams in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics as part of the M.A. in Economics degree. The comprehensive exams are offered in the first weeks of both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Research Project are required of all students to Graduate:

In addition, all students must complete a research project in which they demonstrate mastery of essential elements of economic analysis. This research project must be completed as part of the Graduate Seminar (ECON 690).

Can I concentrate my major?

Concentration options provide a framework by which graduate students may organize their program to achieve individual goals.

The following concentration options are available:

1. General Economics

Students have the option to design (in conjunction with the Graduate Advisor) their own elective course work.

 - Some students use this option to prepare for a Ph.D. program at a highly ranked graduate Economics department.

 - Others prepare for careers as economists in government or the private sector.

Students must choose a minimum of twelve (12) graduate units from graduate Economics offerings over and above the core courses. Other units may be chosen from related areas such as mathematics or business administration.

Additional opportunities also include directed research, a master's thesis, study abroad, internships, or a combination of the above.

2. Financial Economics

This concentration option provides students with the opportunity to study domestic and international financial markets, as well as the principles for financial decisions by bankers, investment managers, and corporate financial managers.

The required courses in the area are:

· ECON - 650 Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions

· ECON - 651 Monetary Economics

Students must choose three additional graduate Economics courses. We recommend, but do not require, that a student choose from the following:

· ECON - 616 Special Topics in Mathematics for Economists

· ECON - 655 Options and Futures

· ECON - 660 Industrial Organization

· ECON - 671 International Finance

A maximum of two of these courses may be met by M.B.A. courses when approved by the Economics Graduate Advisor.

3. International Economics

To specialize in international economics students must take the required courses:

· ECON - 670 International Trade

· ECON - 671 International Finance

Students must choose three additional graduate Economics courses. We recommend, but do not require, that a student choose from the following:

· ECON - 651 Monetary Economics

· ECON - 672 Economic Development

· ECON - 673 Development Microeconomics

· ECON - 674 Development Macroeconomics

· ECON - 676 Natural Resource Economics and Development Policy

· ECON - 677 International Political Economy