Black Leadership Fellowship Program


The Black Leadership Fellowship is a critical initiative offered through the Black Resource Center to develop Black students' understanding and practice of ethical leadership through a year-long program providing fundamental skills, frameworks, and strategies needed to create an equitable and ethical impact as a leader. Black students will achieve this through a leadership retreat, personal and leadership development workshops, and  robust guidance towards securing a summer internship or research opportunity.


Eligibility and how to apply?

Any currently enrolled sophomore black-identified undergraduate student in good academic and disciplinary standing is invited to apply. Interested sophomores can apply by completing the following Google Form. This application is for currently enrolled black-identified sophomore and juniors in good academic and disciplinary standing only. As you complete the application, please do not leave any questions blank. In responding to the application questions, it is recommended that you compose your responses offline and paste the text into the appropriate fields. Applications are due by Friday, October 14 at 11:59pm PST.

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What is Ethical Leadership?

Ethical leaders champion value-based approaches in their personal and professional lives in service of the common good. Ethical leaders are driven by respect for ethics and values, as well as the rights and dignity of others. The concepts of honesty, authenticity, integrity, trust and fairness are all critical to ethical leadership.


Fellowship Goals

The Black Leadership Fellowship program will: 

  • Enhance students’ individual personal growth and capacity to create change
  • Empower Black students with the tools to reach their full leadership potential
  • Strengthen the engagement of Black students at the University and in the surrounding Bay Area community
  • Create pathways for Black students to move successfully through their University experience and towards fulfilling leadership and career exploration.
  • Build a more inclusive, equitable and diverse group of ethical campus and national leaders

What are the benefits of the Black Leadership Fellowship?

Fellowship Objectives

  • Learn the definition and practice of ethical leadership 

  • Recognize their their own assets and value  
  • Increase their emotional and social competencies as leaders
  • Explore career options and gain general work experience
  • Network among aspiring and practicing student leaders
  • Develop supportive relationships with community mentors and industry leaders
  • Be equipped with resources to secure paid internships or research opportunities of their choosing  
  • Participate in summer gatherings (possibly virtual or in-person) 

Fellowship Outcomes

At the conclusion of the fellowship, fellows will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate greater self-awareness, knowledge and understanding of being an ethical leader 
  • Define and apply their unique leadership style in campus and community settings
  • Articulate their personal strengths and authentic self
  • Identify a mentor in the industry of their choosing
  • Gain insight on the workplace environment and how to collaborate with others 
  • Articulate and apply ethical leadership principles to a specific internship site experience



Program Description & Format

  • Program Overview

Ten students will participate in a series of engagement opportunities  throughout the academic year that will explore a values-based approach to leadership development, as well as other aspects of career exploration. BLFP administrators will also direct fellows toward internships or research opportunities Upon the successful completion of required workshops, each student will receive a $1000 honorarium. Students can expect to participate in an average of 4 hours of workshop time per month, in addition to a retreat in early spring 2023.

  • Retreat Formation

Fellows are expected to participate in a leadership retreat built on CliftonStrengths, Design Your Life (DYL), and Emotional Intelligence research. These three focus areas have been successful in other training programs to help shape leaders from existing strengths and honing social intelligence skills.

  • Personal Growth & Leadership Development Workshops

Over the course of the academic year, fellows will participate in a series of required sequential workshops, led by an experienced facilitator, that will focus on self-reflection, personal growth, change, mentorship, networking and building leadership capacity. Fellows will also be given the opportunity to develop meaningful and supportive relationships with staff, faculty, peers, alumni, community members, and industry leaders. During the Fall semester, participants in developmental workshops and mainly work with BLFP administrators to secure summer internships and / or research opportunities of their choice. During the Spring Semester, fellows will work towards becoming their Ideal Self by developing their own intentional learning plans and practicing new behaviors.  Fellows will also deepen their understanding of solidarity and vocation through pre- and post-experience gatherings that engage students in reflective practices informed by Ignatian Spirituality.

  • Summer Internship / Research Opportunity

Following the personal and professional development workshops, BLFP students are expected to obtain a summer internship / research opportunity of their choice.  BLFP administrators will assist in each Fellow’s pursuit of  a summer opportunity to match their interests and skill sets.