Black Leadership Fellowship Program

Mission of the Black Leadership Fellowship

The Black Leadership Fellowship is a new and critical initiative offered through the Black Resource Center to develop Black students' understanding and practice of ethical leadership through a year-long program providing fundamental skills, frameworks, and strategies needed to create an equitable and ethical impact as a leader. Black students will achieve this through a two-day leadership retreat, year-long personal and leadership development workshops, and a 6-8 week summer internship with a Bay Area organization.

Purpose of the Fellowship

The Black Leadership Fellowship will:

  • Enhance students' individual personal growth and capacity to create change
  • Empower Black students with the tools to reach their full leadership potential
  • Strengthen the engagement of Black students at the University and the surrounding Bay Area community
  • Create pathways for Black students to move successfully through their University careers and into rich and rewarding professional careers
  • Build a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse group of campus and national leaders practicing ethical leadership

What is Ethical Leadership?

Ethical leaders champion value-based approaches in their personal and professional lives in service of the common good. Ethical leaders are driven by respect for ethics and values, as well as the rights and dignity of others. The concepts of honesty, authenticity, integrity, trust and fairness are all critical to ethical leadership.

What are the benefits of the Black Leadership Fellowship?

  • Learning a values-based approach to leadership 
  • Recognizing your own assets and value  
  • Networking among aspiring and practicing student leaders
  • Developing supportive relationships with community mentors and industry leaders
  • Securing fellowships with an organization of your choice
  • 6-8 weeks of Summer Housing
  • Stipends up to $2000

Who can participate?

The Black Leadership Fellowship is open to select rising sophomore students who are interested in developing and practicing a value-based approach to ethical leadership over the course of one academic year at USF.  We are looking for students that are committed to our mission, to engaging with value-based organizations, and to bringing their whole selves to the experience of this program. Whether or not you've held formal leadership positions, all are welcome to apply.

Expectations of the Black Leadership Fellowship Program

The fellowship will run from September 2021 through July 2022. Upon summer internship placement, fellows will receive a stipend of up to $2000 and offered USF Summer Housing for 6-8 weeks. BASE staff will assist students with finding the right fellowship opportunity to match their interest and skill sets.

Students are expected to:

  • Attend the two-day leadership retreat held in September 2021
  • Attend all quarterly personal growth and leadership development workshops throughout the year
  • Be able to work a minimum of 20-30 hours/week with a for-profit/non-profit organization.

How to Apply

Each year, rising sophomores are encouraged to apply and 10 students are selected to participate as fellows in the program. An application will be sent to all rising sophomores each Spring semester.

Applications will be reviewed based on the following:

  • Academic Major(s) and Minor(s)
  • Areas of passion/interest
  • Identities & background
  • Campus engagement at USF 
  • Motivations for pursuing a fellowship with the Black Leadership Fellowship Program
  • Personal & professional goals