Connect on LinkedIn

When I was applying for jobs I heavily relied on LinkedIn because the more I used it for my search, the better and more tailored results I would get which was extremely helpful. I used LinkedIn to get in contact with people who had that same job or a similar one so I could ask questions and get advice.
— Biola, Finance, 2019 

LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting with others. If you find someone you would like to connect with, it is best to include a note in your connection request.

Be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Your major, graduation year, and that you are a USF student/alumnus
  • How you found them on LinkedIn or when you met
  • Why you would like to connect

After you connect, you can send the person a longer message to request an informational interview. Be specific in your message when asking for the interview. People are more likely to respond if they know:

  • What you are hoping to learn
  • How you want to connect (phone, email, in person)
  • When, where, and for how long you would like to meet


Hi (person’s name),

My name is _____________ and I am a ____________ major at the University of San Francisco, graduating in ______________. I found your profile through ____________________ and am very intrigued by the work you’ve done with ________________ at __________________. I’d love to learn more about your role and what your path was like after graduating from USF. Would you be willing to connect with me for _______________ within the next _____________? Thanks for your time!


First Name Last Name

I made an effort to cold call recruiters and HR members of agencies where I wanted to work through the LinkedIn platform. I first researched the USF LinkedIn alumni tool to see where fellow alumni had gone post grad. I sent out LinkedIn connection requests where I was abIe to showcase my personality and people skills which got me phone interviews.
— Jack, Marketing, 2019