How to Add/Drop Classes Remotely

UPDATED AS OF 08/25/2020

If instructed to contact CASA for registration assistance, please read the following for guidance:

Adding/Dropping a Course?

If you changed your mind about your courses after you have registered, you have the option to "add" a different course AND/OR "drop" a registered course. Please see the timelines and instructions for adding and/or dropping a course(s) for Fall 2020.


Timeline to Add/Drop a Course for Fall 2020

Adding a Course:

Time Frame Add Procedures/Docs Signatures/Approval Required
On or before Monday, August, 08/24 Online for open classes and no registration errors (through Banner Self-Service) Not required
Tuesday, 08/25 - Friday, 09/04 (Census Date) Add/Drop form (PDF) Instructor required, Adviser optional (unless instructed otherwise)

Dropping a Course:

Time Frame Drop Procedures/Doc Signatures/Approval Required Outcome
On or before Friday, 09/04 (Census Date a.k.a. Last Day to Drop without a 'W') Online (through Banner Self-Service) Not required Course will not appear on schedule/academic transcript
Saturday, 09/05 - Friday, 10/30 (Last Day to Drop with a 'W') Add/Drop form (PDF) and Stay on Track form (PDF) Instructor and Adviser required Course will appear on schedule/academic transcript with a 'W' (for Withdrawn)


Instructions for Adding/Dropping a Course for Fall 2020

You should be able to add/drop a course for the Fall 2020 semester online if you follow the timeline as indicated above.

If you experience a registration error or you missed the timelines mentioned, you may need to fill out a Registration Add/Drop form. Please read our section on how to edit a PDF virtually as well as our page on How to Submit a Registration Add/Drop Form.


Submission Requirement: How to Edit PDF Documents Virtually

Please note: All documentation needs to be in a clear and readable .pdf format. Pictures of forms taken with a cell phone are not acceptable and will be returned to students.

To create .pdfs, use a free desktop/mobile app to convert images of the form to PDF (e.g., PDFelementScanbotSimpleScan (for Android only), Office Lens). These apps scan documents into PDF files. If you have an Apple iPhone, you can scan and sign documents using the Notes app

Existing .pdfs can be edited/saved/signed with Preview (Mac) or Dochub. If you have questions about this, please contact your Success Coach or CASA:

These forms can then be emailed to Please submit all your completed documents in ONE EMAIL.


How Can CASA Help You?

CASA helps to facilitate the registration process. If you need more clarification on the timelines and/or instructions, please contact your Success Coach or CASA at


Additional Registration Resources


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