Faculty Early Alert Program

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Early Alert is an online tool that is utilized by faculty to report undergraduate students who may be performing below a "C" level in their course. Each submission triggers early academic outreach from CASA academic success coaches and faculty advisers. 

Create a student progress report through the Early Alert Program


Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Go to Top Apps and click on "Early Alert" OR go to Canvas and click on the eye icon for Early Alerts (left-hand side of your dashboard).
  2. To see your classes, click on the "Progress Reports" tab, then click "Submit New Report".
  3. Select your class and click on "View Students".
  4. Five students will show up at a time; click the "next" button at the bottom of the page to see more students in your class.
  5. Locate the student you want to create a progress report for and click on "Submit Progress Report".
  6. Complete the student progress report form and click "Submit" at the bottom.
  7. Note: The information you include in the progress report will generate an automatic email to the student. You will be copied on the email that is sent to the student, along with their academic adviser, success coach, and dean's office staff in School of Nursing and Health Professions (for nursing students), and CASA (for School of Management and College of Arts and Sciences students).


Reasons to Use the Early Alert Program:

  • Research has found that with earlier intervention, students are more likely to be academically successful.
  • CASA staff need your help in identifying students who may need encouragement, help, and support at any time during the semester. Once we have this important information, CASA staff will be able to intervene to help the student get back on track.


Early Alert Data

Fall 2023

Total Early Alert Progress Report Submitted Unique Faculty Unique Student
1,109 220 804

Spring 2023

Total Early Alert Progress Report Submitted Unique Faculty Unique Student
1,050 199 733

Fall 2022

Total Early Alert Progress Report Submitted Unique Faculty Unique Student
1,214 236 859


FAQs about the Early Alert Program:

The CASA Early Alert program is designed for faculty to send progress reports to undergraduate students only. Graduate student early alert reports are scheduled to deploy early 2023.

To make it easier for you to create student progress reports, we have also added a link in Canvas. (Click on the eye icon for Early Alert on the left-hand side of your Canvas dashboard.)

The Early Alert program through CASA is available all semester, because we know that faculty have concerns about students more than just during mid-semester. Our office is dedicated to assisting students, but we need your help. For example, if a student is missing class frequently and jeopardizing their academic success, you can use the Early Alert system which notifies the student, CASA, and their academic adviser for possible intervention.

Yes, please feel free to contact CASA anytime. In addition, you may want to consult the Care Referral Program, if you need to alert key administrators of a challenging or sensitive student issue.

Even though the Early Alert Program is available all semester, we still want you to notify us mid-semester, as this is an important time for early intervention before the last day to withdraw. College of Arts and Sciences and School of Management faculty will receive a reminder email asking them to let CASA know who is achieving below a "C" grade as of mid-semester.

An email (with all the details and information from the progress report) is sent directly to the student and copies are also sent to the student's success coach, academic adviser, the dean's office staff in School of Nursing and Health Professions (Nursing students), and CASA (School of Management and College of Arts and Sciences students).

We hope that the student is encouraged to take action to improve their academic progress, such as meeting with their professor, as well as their success coach and/or academic major adviser.

No, we only want you to create a student progress report for students who you are concerned about any time during the semester, or students that are earning below a "C" grade.

No, you can only create one student progress report at a time.


Still Have Questions? Call or Email Us!

College of Arts and Sciences Faculty
Marvella Luey, Associate Dean: (415) 422-6374, lueym@usfca.edu

School of Management Faculty
Deanna Pachinger, Associate Dean: (415) 422-2524, pachinger@usfca.edu

General Questions
(415) 422-5050, casa@usfca.edu


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