SOE Faculty Association (SOEFA)

Within the School of Education, faculty meet school-wide on a monthly basis. Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month from noon until 1:30pm except in April when AERA takes place during the third week.


All faculty in the School of Education, including part-time faculty, are welcome to attend. Meetings take place in room ED 119.  The agenda for the meeting is distributed a week before the scheduled meeting. Agenda items are set by the Faculty Association members. Faculty members can submit items through their department chairpersons or directly to the co-chairpersons of the SOEFA. Items are of school-wide interest. Meetings are run by the co-chairpersons following the modified Roberts Rules of Order. The co-chairpersons are elected by the Faculty Association members.


For 2022-2023, the co-chairpersons will be announced.