USF Committees

Faculty may be elected or appointed to University-wide committees or nominated for administrative appointments by the Dean.

School faculty members currently serve of the following University-wide committees:

  • Committee on University Curriculum
  • Committee on General Education
  • Committee on Distinguished Research
  • Committee on Distinguished Teaching
  • Committee on Assessment
  • Committee on Library/Media Services
  • Committee on Human Subjects
  • Project Learning
  • Steering Committee
  • USFFA Policy Board Members
  • USFFA Appeals Board
  • University Peer Review
  • Multicultural Action Advisory Committee

A detailed list of University-wide committee memberships can be obtained from the USF Labor Relations Office.

University-Wide Peer Review Committee

The main role of the University-wide Peer Review Committee is to review USF faculty applications for tenure/promotion and recommendations forwarded by College-wide Peer Review Committees. It examines and evaluates each candidate’s performance in the areas of teaching, research, and service. The committee sends its recommendations, accompanied by written narratives and voting records to the Dean of the College or School in question. The Dean forwards these to the Academic Vice President who shares them with the University Promotion and Tenure Committee. After consideration and discussion with the University President, faculty are notified in writing of the results of both Peer Review Committees’ recommendations.

More Information

For further information on the tenure/promotion application process and timeline, please see the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Section II, Article 17.

Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRBPHS)

The Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects was established at USF to comply with federal regulations pertaining to the protection of human participants in research and as a demonstration of the University’s commitment to the highest standards of ethics in research. Anyone affiliated with USF who is planning to do research that involves human subjects is required to obtain approval from the USF IRBPHS. The IRBPHS has developed a new manual and forms for completing the IRBPHS application process.


The IRBPHS chair is Dr. Richard Greggory Johnson III in the School of Management. Please direct all inquiries to