Graduate Student Senate Voter Guide



Kidd Huang

Academic Program: Sports Management

My name is Kidd Huang, and I am thrilled to be running for the position of President of the Graduate Student Senate at the University of San Francisco. As a double Don who finished my bachelor degree in Finance and this is my first-year as a graduate student in Sport Management, I have been actively involved in numerous student organizations and clubs, including Finance Club, Star-up Club, Women in Business Club, Tri Delta, International Student Association, and various sports clubs. This diverse engagement has not only shaped my experience but has also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of our university community. I am running for this position because I am passionate about bringing graduate students together across our campuses and ensuring that every individual feels included and supported. My goal is to host more events that foster connections and professional growth while advocating for resources that enhance the graduate student experience. Together, let's create a more connected and vibrant community at USF.

Shewit Woldemichael

Academic Program: International and Development Economics

Shewit is a current International and Developmental Economics master's student and brings a wealth of leadership experience to her candidacy. As Vice President of External Affairs at the Graduate Student Senate (GSS), a co-founding member and administrative chair of the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA), she has demonstrated visionary leadership, fostered collaboration, and advocated for initiatives empowering grad students. As President, Shewit pledges to enhance transparency, advocate for student needs, and raise awareness of available resources. Together, let's build a stronger, well-resourced, and connected graduate student community at USF.

Vice President of External Affairs

Clayton Chalmers

Academic Program: Masters in Public Health

Hi there! My name is Clayton Chalmers and I am a first year MPH student. I'm running for VP of external affairs to connect all graduate students. When I first came to SF, I didn't know where to meet new people. However, I found events that connected me with awesome friends. I would love to pass this on and plan events for graduate students. In turn, I believe we can create a strong community and make great memories. My experience includes serving as VP of Events for HPSA and I'm on the GSS external affairs committee. As VP of external affairs, I could have a broader impact and connect more people. In fact, one idea I have is to create a social club that encompasses students from all programs. In any event, I would be honored to have your vote and be your VP of External Affairs. Let's connect the Dons!

VIce President of Internal Affairs

Aayushi Sett

Academic Program: Masters in Public Health

Grad Students! 

Feeling unheard? Do you want a graduate school experience that's not just about deadlines, but a supportive community that fuels your success? That's exactly why I, Aayushi Sett, am running for Vice President of Internal Affairs in the Graduate Student Senate (GSS). 

I'm not your average candidate. With a background in dentistry and now diving into the world of Public Health, I bring a unique perspective and a fierce passion for advocacy. Honesty, integrity, and inclusivity are my guiding principles. 

My vision: A GSS that actively advocates for YOUR needs! ️Whether it's improved mental health resources, a more welcoming environment, or streamlined admin processes, I'll be your voice. 

Let's build a better grad experience, Together!

Vice President of treasury

Srilekha Ramani

Academic Program: Master of Business Administration in Finance

As a seasoned finance professional with a background in strategic operations, I am excited to run for the position of VP, Finance & Operations. With a degree in Finance and years of experience managing budgets and optimizing processes, I am well-equipped to serve as Treasurer and oversee internal operations. My goal is to ensure transparency, fiscal responsibility, and efficiency within the club. I am committed to working closely with the President and Student Leadership to uphold university policies and foster a collaborative environment. If elected, I aim to streamline club operations, empower committee members, and cultivate a strong team to drive our organization forward. 

School of Nursing and Health Professions Representatives

gurveen kahlon ਗੁਰਵੀਨ ਕਾਹਲੌ

Academic Program: PsyD in Clinical Psychology

Hello fellow graduate students! My name is gurveen kahlon ਗੁਰਵੀਨ ਕਾਹਲੌ, and I am running to be the GSS representative for the School of Nursing and Health Professionals. Throughout my academic journey, I have been actively involved in student organizations which has equipped me with the skills and passion needed to effectively represent our diverse graduate student body. As a dedicated member of our graduate student community, I am deeply committed to prioritizing community building and advocacy work for us graduate students. Together we can make a stronger, more empowered graduate student community here and I humbly ask for your support in voting for me to be your graduate student representative.

Alex Lindsay

Academic Program: Doctorate of Psychology

Hi! My name is Alex Lindsay, and I am running to be the GSS representative for the School of Nursing and Health Professionals. I am a recent transplant to the bay from Indiana and a proud Purdue Alum. After years of work founding and leading student organizations as an undergraduate, I am passionate about building a strong graduate student community centered on mutual aid and activism. I am committed to continually educating myself on how to best support my peers by working to create more equitable and transparent systems of power in academia. I believe we can change the world from here, and I hope you will consider voting for me to be your graduate student representative.

School of Education Representative

Ana De Castro Maquiz

Academic Program: Doctorate of Education

Students at the School of Education deserve to be informed, engaged, and heard. I'm running for School of Education Representative because I believe in a two-way flow of communication. I'm committed to fostering a vibrant school community including clear and consistent information about resources, events, and opportunities. Additionally, your voices matter – you should have opportunities to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. Information dissemination should be multifaceted, catering to diverse styles; this ensures everyone receives the resources they need to build strong relationships within the School of Education and beyond. Let's work together to create a School of Education that empowers you to succeed.

School of Management Representative

Angad Gunbharit

Academic Program: Information Systems

As a candidate for Graduate Student Senate, I'm Angad Gunbharit, pursuing a Master's in Information Systems at the University of San Francisco. With a background in Computer Engineering and experience in the tech industry, I bring problem-solving skills and leadership. From Software Developer to Senior Analyst roles, I've driven innovation and efficiency. As President of the Association of Information Systems and Student Representative, I advocate for student needs. If elected, I'll address student concerns, advocate for well-being, and enhance the student experience. I'll listen to peers, represent them with integrity, and contribute to our university community. I seek your support to make a positive impact together. Thank you for considering me.

Beyond the Hilltop Campus Representative - Sacramento

Macie Dutra

Academic Program: Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s

I’m Macie, a second year graduate student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at the Sacramento Campus. I was born and raised in Sacramento and I've been actively involved in local social justice and advocacy organizations for the past few years. I am driven to stand up for my community with equity and compassion, which is why I want to represent our Sacramento campus in the USF Graduate Student Senate. For the past year, we haven’t had a Sacramento representative in the GSS. It’s important that our campus isn't left behind. We deserve to have our voices heard and be a part of our school’s decision making. You can make that possible by voting for me as the Sacramento Campus Representative. 

As your representative, I will make sure your voice is heard and your education is valued. In my term, I hope to bring Sacramento students together by creating a USF Sacramento Student Association that will connect students, share resources, and build community. I’d also like to hold a monthly “town hall” gathering to connect, understand student needs, and gather ideas for how I can best advocate for our campus. 

I care about everyone involved with USF; undergraduate students, graduate students, professors, and staff. When we all work together, we all thrive. Your voice matters, so make your vote count! Vote Macie Dutra for Sacramento Campus Representative.

Vacant Positions

Vice President of Mission, School of Management Representatives (1), College of Arts & Sciences Representative (2), School of Education Representative (1), School of Law Representative (2), and Beyond the Hilltop Campus - Orange


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