ASUSF Spring 2023 Special Election

ASUSF Special Election

Monday, Feb. 27 – Monday, March 6

The ASUSF Senate called for a special election where all members of the Associated Students of the University of San Francisco (ASUSF) can vote on the proposed increase in the ASUSF Student Activity Fee. 

Vote by 5 p.m. on Monday, March 6 »

All voting will take place online. Vote online from any computer with the instructions that follow. It's your school, your voice, your vote!

What is the ASUSF Student Activity Fee?
All undergraduate students pay a student activity fee of $121 each semester. The activity fee supports student organizations’ travel, events, and development as well as other student involvement resources and support. Funding is allocated by students, for students, through the ASUSF Senate.

Why is an increase being proposed?
ASUSF last voted to increase the fee in 2016, and costs have significantly increased since that time. The funding is not enough to sustain the current level of activities and events. Read the referendum for more details »

What is on the ballot?
Vote to approve or disapprove an increase of $10 in the Student Activity Fee for three consecutive years (to increase to $131/semester in 2024-25, $141/semester in 2025-26, and $151/semester in 2026-27).

How to vote:


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