USF Cost of Attendance

This estimated cost of attendance for the 9-month academic year includes both direct expenses (tuition, fees, room & board for students living on-campus) and indirect expenses (books, supplies, transportation, personal expenses, and room & board for students living off-campus). Your Net Cost, or the actual amount due to the university may be less than the cost of attendance. 

Your financial aid offer, which may include student loans, grants, and/or scholarships, are applied to your university bill first. Not all components of the estimated cost of attendance will appear on your university bill. For example, personal, transportation, and books/supply expenses are not typically added to your university charges. 

The figure is subject to change and is NOT meant to represent your USF Student Accounts bill for the academic year but it is the cost against which we measure your resources to determine your eligibility for aid.

Understanding your Financial Aid Offer and USF Billing

The University’s Office of Student Accounts maintains your student charges and processes payments. If you apply for and accept financial aid, the Office of Student Accounts will use your grants, scholarships, and loans in calculating what may be due for the term.

Please note: Cal Grant B stipends, Federal Work-Study and Campus Job Opportunity funds are paid directly to the student, and not to the university bill.

USF Tuition and Fees