Dons Get Fit

Each month, students can participate in fitness challenges designed to get them moving, socializing, and putting the fun in exercise. Learn how to participate, and about the monthly challenges, including information about the official Go Dons Get Fit (students versus faculty and staff) challenge in October.

How to Participate

  1. Register at our Dons Get Fit website at, and track your minutes and fitness activities to inspire your peers to exercise. 
  2. Check out monthly challenges you want to participate in by clicking “Signup/Register” on the Challenges page.
  3. Before October, get ready to track your minutes for the students versus faculty and staff competition.
  4. Students with at least one entry per week will be automatically entered for a chance to win raffle prizes. 
  5. Get a bonus raffle entry by sharing your photos and videos through Instagram. Direct message/tag us on instagram @usfhps with #godonsgetfit.
  6. Check out our monthly resources for ways to get involved.

Monthly Challenges

Group of students stretching outdoors

September: Warm Up your workout

In September, find a workout routine that works for you. Whether it's at Koret, at home, or out in the community, let us know what you are participating in and we'll share it out to inspire other students to get moving. Every minute counts, so find something that works for you. Stay tuned for fitness orientation videos from students in the Kinesiology department.

Examples include taking a walk in the park, participating in workout groups, watching a workout video, and learning new ways to get active. Joining a Koret's Club Sports and Intramural Sports counts too.

Go Dons Get Fit Logo


In October, participate in the 6th annual Go Dons Get Fit challenge. In this challenge, students compete with faculty and staff to determine who is the most active. At the end of the month, all minutes are accumulated and the winner receives the Cartwright Cup. Our GOAL this year is to collectively track 500,000 minutes with at least 500 participants.

Tip: during October, you can track your minutes daily, weekly or whenever you feel like logging in to the site. Minutes can be entered retroactively.

November: Get Moving for Fun

In November, let's wind down the semester with some fun activities. Everything that gets you moving and having fun counts in this month. There are no limits to how much fun and movement you can get in this challenge.

Examples include going to the farmer's market, gardening, dancing, escape room, kayaking, ski trip, museums and mini-golf (to name a few). Also, all of Koret's Outdoor Adventures counts. 

How to Win Raffle Prizes

Students, who are actively participating, with at least one entry per week will be automatically entered in weekly raffle drawings to win prizes from Health Promotion Services. 

  • In September, students can win a Theraband, jump rope, and Camelbak water bottle. The student with the most minutes at the end of  the month will win a Personal Training Session with Koret. 
  • In October, students can win a Theraband, jump rope, Camelbak water bottle, and foam roller. The student with the most minutes at the end of  the month will win a Personal Training Session with Koret. 
  • In November, students can win a Camelbak water bottle, and certificates for Koret's outdoor adventures. 

Get Social

A picture is worth 1000 words. Encourage and engage with others by posting your photos!  Direct message/tag us on instagram @usfhps, or search for our instagram gif using #usfhps, #godonsgetfit.

Sponsored by Health Promotion Services, GoUSF, Koret Health Recreation Center, and the Kinesiology Department