Join Jumpstart Your Wellness Slack Community

We want to support your overall wellness with our Jumpstart Your Wellness Community on Slack, a messaging app that connects people to the information they need. Get support from the USF community to support your overall wellness. We are all in this together!

How to join Slack?

  • Step 1: Open a browser window; and launch the Jumpstart Your Wellness Community on the USF enterprise account. 
  • Step 2: When the Slack sign in page appears, click Sign in with SSO (single sign on).
  • Step 3: Sign in with your USF Username and Password as usual.
  • Step 4: Welcome to the community!

Having trouble? Please contact

What's up with the channels?

These channels will support your wellness activities on this website. All members who join our Slack community will be given access to all these channels.

  • #community-conversations: This channel is for community-wide communication and announcements. Connect with others here.
  • #mindfulness-space: This channel will provide resources on mindfulness and spiritual wellness. Please share resources and tips you think would be helpful for your fellow Dons.
  • #nutrition-lounge: This channel will provide resources on nutrition. Please share your nutrition tips and resources that help you eating healthier. We love videos and pictures in this channel.
  • #physical-activity-club: This channel will provide resources on exercise and physical activity. Share your workout routines.
  • #usf-community-events: This channel will be used to share events in the USF community that promotes physical wellness. Have an event that does just that? Share with us.
  • #wellness-out-and-about: This channel will be used to share events and activities off-campus so that students can take part in wellness wherever they are. 
  • #you-are-awesome: Want to inspire others or get inspiration from this community. This is the channel for you.

Request a new channel! Want to have a conversation with your peers about something specific? Email