Parental Leave/Baby Bonding

  • If eligible, FMLA/CFRA provides 12 weeks of unpaid job and group health benefit protection to bond with a new child. These 12 weeks are called ‘baby bonding.’
  • Non-California employees should contact to determine if their state provides leave or paid benefits.
  • Eight of the 12 weeks of baby bonding are partially paid by CA Paid Family Leave (PFL) and, if eligible, San Francisco Paid Parental Leave (PPLO).
  • To be eligible for San Francisco Paid Parental Leave you must be employed by USF for 6 months, work at least 8 hours a week in San Francisco, and work at least 40% of total hours in San Francisco.
  • PFL pays approximately 60% of weekly salary, up to $1,620 per week in 2024. And, if eligible, PPLO requires USF to pay approximately 40%, up to $1,080 per week, in 2024. If not eligible for PPLO, accrued vacation can be used to supplement PFL benefit.  
  • Employees who accrue vacation, can use vacation hours for the four remaining weeks of baby bonding, or go unpaid.
  • The 12 weeks of baby bonding, must be taken in two-week increments; shorter increments will be allowed on two occasions.
  • The 12 weeks of baby bonding must be taken within 12 months of baby’s birth or adoption.
  • University benefits will continue during FMLA/CFRA leave. Employee benefit contributions will continue to be deducted from USF pay.
  • Tristar, the university leave of absence partner, administers and certifies eligibility of FMLA/CFRA, PFL and SF PPLO.  Tristar will mail/direct deposit PFL payments. USF pays PPLO benefit payments.

Requesting Parental Leave

Tristar is the university's leave of absence administration partner.

  1. Notify your supervisor of your leave dates.
  2. Review Tristar's Leave Request Reporting Instructions.
  3. Contact Tristar at 1-844-702-2352 or
  4. Email

New Parent Information

You may add your new child to USF benefits within 30 days of birth or adoption via USFWorks. Birth or adoption documentation will need to be uploaded. 

There are two Lactation Rooms on main campus: UC Room #329 and LM Rossi Room #105. If working at another campus location, please reach out to

To request use of a lactation room, please submit a completed and signed Lactation Accommodation Request Form to at least five (5) business days in advance before the start of the request. The form is to be signed by both Employee and Supervisor. Employee and Supervisor will receive written confirmation of approved schedule.

The lactation rooms are scheduled in 30-minute increments. Please indicate on the request form the Days and Times you wish to schedule the room. For example:  Mondays 10-10:30am & 4-4:30pm. Your requested times are not guaranteed.

Your One Card will be updated to provide swipe access to the lactation room. 

If you need to change or cancel your scheduled use of lactation room, please email as soon as possible.

USF Lactation Accommodation Policy

New parents are eligible for the USF Childcare Subsidy. Apply for the subsidy within the first 30 days of returning to work after childbirth, adoption, or foster placement.

USF’s employee assistance program is administered by Concern. Concern offers employees and their families Parent Coaching, In-the-Moment Support, Work-Life Resources and more.

The USF Parents’ Group lets you connect with your fellow employees about all things parent including daycare, preschool, camps, etc.