Additional Wellness Benefits

The GoUSF employee wellness program helps you achieve your wellness goals with the following resources and support:


Dons Meaningful Mile

Grab a colleague, and check out GoUSF's one-mile walking loop around lower campus  that is marked with meaningful landmarks along the way!

Lower Campus Dons Meaningful Mile


Anthem Blue Cross

If you are an Anthem Blue Cross member, you have access to a variety of support resources. Log into or register if you haven’t already, and select Health & Wellness. For example:

  • Under 360° health, there is guidance available from MyHealth Coach, staffed by registered nurses to assist with both health and healthy lifestyle support.
  • Virtual coaching is offered through a partnership with WebMD HealthAssistant. Visit Anthem Blue Cross for additional information.


Kaiser has more wellness resources than we can possibly list. They have online articles, widgets, health coaches, recipes, classes, online education, a personal health assessment and much more. Visit, and then explore the opportunities under the “Health & Wellness” tab.

Additionally, Kaiser offers guided imagery programs to engage your mind, body, and spirit to help you reduce stress, focus on healthy changes, and promote healing.

Access Kaiser's podcasts »

Employee Assistance Program

Our health is often impacted by stressful events and pressures. Being a new parent, dealing with an aging parent, work/life balance challenges and legal complications are just some of the common issues that can affect our lives in a very significant way. When these issues become overwhelming, it can be difficult to maintain healthy behaviors. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help you with guidance and resources to help you work through your challenge. You can access this service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling 1-800-344-4222 or visiting the EAP website (company code: usf).

Ergonomic Education

Many of us spend a majority of the workday sitting at a desk in front of a computer. However, much of the strain caused by this situation can be relieved by taking short mini-breaks throughout the day. Take a two-minute break a few times a day to stretching our hands, wrists, shoulders, stand up and walk in place to get those glutes firing. For more information, review the Ergonomic Education web page.

Smoking Cessation

People who receive support when attempting to quit smoking are five times more likely to succeed permanently. When you’re ready to quit, contact your medical plan provider (Anthem Blue Cross or Kaiser) to find out about the smoking cessation resources available to you, such as counseling and nicotine replacement therapy. Additional smoking cessation resources include:

CONCERN EAP counseling USF's Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy
CONCERN EAP article database (search "smoking") Telephone Support
How To Quit (video seminars) Fontana Tobacco Treatment Center (SF)
CDC Video Resources CVS Pharmacy's cessation program
Timeline for Quitting Video Smoking Cessation Resources in SF

Nutrition Information

Visit the GoUSF Nutrition page for tips on eating healthy!