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Social connectivity is the feeling of closeness and connected-ness to a community. It is rooted in feelings of belonging, love and common values. Humans are innately social creatures. Every person we interact with is forever part of our social network. They are family members, friends, coworkers, teammates, neighbors, and acquaintances. Each has a lasting impact on our physical and mental health.

During this unique time of social distancing, it is imperative that we do not completely disconnect with one another. In fact, it is critical now more than ever to “virtually” come together. Join the Go Bond challenge and share how you are bonding with your colleagues, family members and/or community.

GoUSF Events

Event Descriptions Location Date(s) Time LINK
W.W. At-Work Meetings Virtual Workshop Anytime Anytime Learn more »
Go Move@Home GoUSFChallenges.org Apr 1 - ongoing anytime GoUSFchallenges.org
Go Bond GoUSFchallenges.org July 1-31 anytime GoUSFchallenges.org

It is crucial that we continue to connect our USF community during this time of social distancing. Share your photos, stories, inspirational quotes, worries, anything on your mind on the following platforms. We are all in this together!