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Studies have long shown the mutual benefits of volunteering for both the person donating their time and the community served. Additionally, volunteering is easier than ever thanks to volunteering apps, social media, and other online resources. But in this digital age, we are actually volunteering less as our time seems to be more consumed by other priorities. This September, GoUSF invites you to “be the change you wish to see in the world” by helping others!

GoUSF Events

Event Descriptions Location Date(s) Time LINK
Go Serve Online Sept 1-30 Any Go Serve webpage
Go Dons Get Fit Online Oct 1-31 Any Register and Details
Ergo Workshop Online Oct 7 11-11:45am Register
7 Benefits of Credit Unions Online Oct 12 11-11:45am Register
Real Estate Mortgages in the Current Market Online Oct 26 11-11:45am Register

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