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Environmental Justice Programming

To honor Earth Month, our GoUSF Environmental Justice Committee has partnered with various USF departments and local organizations to provide programming that encourages action and participation in initiatives that focus on the urgent need for environmental justice, sustainable development, and climate solutions.

Our goal is to provide dedicated time and space for participants to learn about environmental justice issues and build more effective practices. Participants are encouraged to explore topics that interest them or challenge themselves to learn something new. This is your journey.

Every week, we will host featured speakers and events to help us learn more about environmental justice issues in our own community. We hope these opportunities will offer a solid foundation for you to begin viewing ecological issues through an environmental justice lens and inspire you to keep exploring the intersections in your future environmental advocacy.

"Because all creatures are connected, each must be cherished with love and respect, for all of us as living creatures are dependent on one another." (Laudato Si, Paragraph 42)

The Environmental Justice committee includes: Suzy Kisylia (Human Resources), Jenny Lee (HPS), Andrea Crawford (School of Law), Donna Creasman (School of Law), Claire Sharifi (Gleeson Library), Debbie Benrubi (Gleeson Library), Richard Hsu (Office of Sustainability).

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Environmental Justice Programming Various April 1-30 All Resources, Speakers, and Events

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