GoUSF Wellness


In June we are focusing on intellectual wellness. Whether you prefer to read a book, do crossword puzzles, play a good game of chess or cards, attend workshops via Zoom, take part in virtual social gatherings, play a musical instrument, or sing in a virtual choir, it is important to focus on at least one intellectual activity every day.

GoUSF is partnering with fellow colleagues, wellness champions, and wellness partners to provide workshops that hone in on our own creativity, learn a new skill, and perhaps push us outside of our comfort zone. It's fun and can be rewarding to try something new! Check out our Go Create workshops. All family and friends are invited to attend our weekly workshops via Zoom.

GoUSF Events

Event Descriptions Location Date(s) Time LINK
W.W. At-Work Meetings Virtual Workshop Anytime Anytime Learn more »
Go Move@Home GoUSFChallenges.org Apr 1-July 31 anytime GoUSFchallenges.org
WFH with Kids Zoom alternate wed 1:30-2pm Meeting ID: 966 5750 7088
Go Create Workshops Various June 1-30 various Various
Go Read Challenge GoUSFchallenges.org June 1-30 anytime GoUSFchallenges.org

It is crucial that we continue to connect our USF community during this time of social distancing. Share your photos, stories, inspirational quotes, worries, anything on your mind on the following platforms. We are all in this together!