Financial Wellness

As international students, it is important that you plan ahead to finance your education and have sufficient funding to cover living expenses. Before USF creates an I-20 or DS-2019 for a student, we are required to review your funding source and make sure it meets the minimum financial requirement. This minimum is an estimate of tuition and living expenses for the year. We estimate these expenses based on modest accommodations and spending habits. Students should look at this estimate as a minimum for living in order to have realistic expectations about the funding needed to live in the US.

Starting with realistic expectations about what it will cost to attend school at USF is an important part of coming up with a budget and making sure you have adequate funding. Students can review the information on these pages to look for additional funding sources and tools for budgeting and planning.

person holding a pen on a book with a dollar sign on the page
Financial Assistance

For more info on Government Financial Aid, University Scholarships, Private Scholarships and Loans, Student Employment, Dean of Students Resources, and Public Benefits.

Two people talking about finances and money with papers
Managing Finances

For more info on Budgeting, Credit Cards, and Bank Accounts.