Managing Finances for International Student

According to Nerd Wallet, an American personal finance company, money management is making a money plan, which involves budgeting, saving money, reducing debt, and investing in the future. Budgeting involves calculating your monthly income, choosing a budgeting method and tracking your progress. 

Check out this 4-step guide on how to budget as a university/college student. Try these tools you can use to create a university budget, and explore these tips for saving money and budgeting. Some of the information in these resources is specific to domestic students but the majority- of the tips and tools are helpful for all students trying to plan their spending and stay on a budget.

You can also try these free budget apps to keep track of your monthly expenses, such as textbooks, groceries, tuition, and income.

Visit Health Promotion Services’ webpage for more information on Financial Wellness resources.

Provident Credit Union / University of San Francisco LogoProvident Union Credit Card
The USF Provident branded College Share Secured Visa credit card is available for international students and no credit score is required. The college credit card can provide several benefits for students, such as flexibility with spending, budgeting, and building credit. 

  • Credit limits up to $1500*
  • Qualify with little or no credit history
  • Low security deposit required
  • No social security number required
  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees

Also, as a student at USF, you get access to Provident's Financial Wellness Center. Feel confident about your financial choices. Visit to learn more and apply.

Disclaimer: Credit union deposit(s) must be pledged to secure the Visa®, with a minimum pledge of $600 and at least 120% of the approved credit line.  

**Please note that ISSS does not endorse any of the credit card companies, and students considering credit cards should make sure they fully understand the terms of the credit cards. 

For more information on opening a bank account, please visit our Pre-Arrival & New Student Resources webpage