Department Transfer Request

Departments can ask for an actual usage account to be placed on a student's USF One Card. The student then is able to spend up to an authorized amount, which is subtracted from the department's FOAP each month the account is active.

  • Stipends - For example, the Office of Residence Life may allot $10 to a Resident Assistant as part of their employment contract, or a college may allot $10 for meals to students enrolled in a particular section
  • Awards/Promotions - For example, a department may run a promotion and give away $10 to the winner/participant(s) of an event

Transfers are limited to student USF One Card accounts that fall into either circumstance. Department transfers to employee (faculty and staff) accounts are strictly prohibited. For information about employee purchases, please refer to USF's Travel and Entertainment Policy.

How Do I Initiate a Department Transfer?

To initiate a department transfer, complete the transfer request form.

Request a Department Transfer

Account Types

When requesting a department transfer, the requester must determine where funds will be used. There are two options:

  • Everywhere -┬áThis type of account is programmed to allow purchases everywhere that Don Dollars are accepted, including all campus dining locations.
  • Meals only -┬áThis type of account is programmed to allow purchases at campus dining locations only.

Billing Process

Cardholders are issued a unique "actual usage account" on their One Card. Authorization for use of up to the requested dollar amount is placed onto the cardholder's account. The department then is billed monthly, based on the usage of funds. The department may cancel the authorized amount at any time (e.g., upon termination of an employment contract or withdrawal from a program). If an end date is specified, the authorized amount is removed from the cardholder's account on that date. If an end date is not specified, the authorized amount is removed at the end of the fiscal year.

Monitoring It

Account statements are available via the web. You can check your account statement, transaction history, and current balances by viewing your balance and transaction history. It is important to review your transaction information at least once per month to verify that it is correct. Report any discrepancies to the One Card Office.

Check Your Balance