Production Manager Agreement

General Responsibilities

In consultation with the Faculty Producer the Production Manager is the decision-making authority in the technical and logistics management of the show and supervises the execution of production.

Specific Responsibilities

including, but not limited to:

  • Finances: supervise production budgets.
  • Schedule: Supervise design deadlines for each production. Supervise and be physically present for production meetings, design meetings, load-in, tech, dress rehearsals, strike, and production post-mortem. Communicate updates to EMS and STAGES Staff of any changes in space use or type of use.
  • Casting: Oversee Casting Process in collaboration with Director/Faculty Producer. Be the main point of contact with choreographers for auditions, as well as setting up auditions with department. Assist in the organization of auditions, and attend bi-annual auditions, communicate with students about audition expectations, participate in casting process in order to determine that production casting meets both artistic and pedagogical goals.
  • Design Process and Analysis Guide all director/choreographer/design teams through the design process to guarantee the timely completion of all designs. Analyze all designs submitted to determine the feasibility of execution within the allotted time, money and personnel available.
  • Managing Production Personnel:Supervise, in consultation with the Producer when appropriate, all production staff and contractors including, but not limited to: designers, technical director, full-time technical staff, electricians, carpenters, stage managers, production assistants, wardrobe personnel, running crew, artistic consultants and any additional personnel required for specific production needs.

    Manage contracts for performers (if needed)
  • Production Liaison: Facilitate clear communications throughout the production process, and act as a liaison between directors, designers, stage managers, and Performing Arts Department faculty and USF STAGES staff. Ensure compliance with all USF STAGES and USF university rules.
  • Department Support: As necessary, support productions with hands-on projects including (but not limited to) special effects, video and projections, assisting with stage work, sourcing and researching materials and techniques. Maintain a safe work environment at all times. Address safety hazards with appropriate personnel promptly.
  • Print Program: gather all program information and share with Program Manager for assemblage and printing.

By signing this document you are agreeing to be the main Managerial point of contact for STAGES staff, as well as the first point of contact for students, student designers, and any over hire professional staff.

The Production Manager is agreeing to be physically present for the following:

  • Production Meetings Date/s
  • Load in Date/s
  • Tech Dates
  • Strike Dates (starting no later than 1 day after final performances)
  • Student post-mortem
  • Production post-mortem

Agreement Confirmation

This agreement is for a PASJ event in