Space Usage Rules

For Presentation Theater and Studio Theater

Classroom Furniture

You may not take any chairs, tables, or any other items from classrooms surrounding the USF STAGES spaces. If you need additional tables and chairs, arrange through Events Management for those to be delivered and promptly picked up after your event. Failure to comply with this may result in immediate termination of the event and/or restrictions to having future events.

Removing or Borrowing from the Space

Nothing may be removed from USF STAGES spaces except by prior approval by STAGES Staff.

Taping to Walls, Doors, floor

Signage is restricted to the bulletin boards or the glass of the doors. No tape or adhesive of any kind is allowed on walls, non-glass doors(such as the theater doors), or other surfaces. Tape can damage the surface and you will be charged for any repairs through USF Facilities Management.

Taping to the stage floor is acceptable as needed to mark spikes or for safety reasons such as taping down cables or glow tape. Any and all tape put down by the production must be removed at the end of the production.

Electrical, Batteries, and Extension Cords

Producers are responsible for supplying their own 9v batteries, and the proper disposal of those, if they will be using the wireless mics.

Under no circumstances should the producer or their staff touch the electrical panels and dimmer racks in the space, or any of the cords and equipment associated with those, unless given specific instruction and permission by the Director of STAGES.

Extension cords are allowed only for temporary use and must be removed after each event. If cords cross any area where people may walk, they must be taped down or secured under a rug or cable trough.

List of Restricted Items:

The items listed below are not allowed in Presentation or Studio Theater: If found with these your event will be canceled without refund

  • Alcohol (not allowed in the buildings at all)
  • Smoking or Vaping, including herbal cigarettes
  • Fire of any kind, including candles, matches, lighters or anything that can produce flame.  
  • Water except in closed drinking containers
  • Sand, dirt, clay, salt, or any other materials that are difficult to clean.
  • Food or Beverages other than closed water containers
  • Firearms or weapons of any kind (even toy/fake ones)
  • Balloons of any kind, in particular, Helium Balloons are not allowed in the Lobby, Front Stairs, or any space associated with USF STAGES.
  • Glitter, streamers, confetti or any other small hard to clean items
  • Painting or Paint
  • Screwing or attaching anything to floors, walls, or ceiling
  • Construction of any kind unless authorized by the Director of USF STAGES
  • Smoke or haze machines unless authorized by the Director of USF STAGES

Access and Clearances

  • Doors and exits must be kept clear at all times, including the hallways behind the theaters
  • Exit signs must be visible and no objects placed in front of them
  • First aid kits cannot be blocked or obstructed.
  • Easy access to Fire extinguishers and fire hoses cannot be restricted
  • Fire alarms and fire alert systems must not be tampered with or covered in any way. Visual alert systems cannot be covered and must be visible to the audience at all times.
  • A clear path must be maintained between Exit doors and places of assembly, including the audience, performers, and staff.
  • Electrical Panels and Dimmer racks must have 32” clearance on all sides: No objects can be placed in front, to the side, or on top.
  • Fire doors in Presentation cannot be blocked or locked.
  • Access to the fly lofts, ladders, platforming, Genie lift, and other materials and tools in the space are restricted and can only be used under the supervision and permission of STAGES staff.

Noise and Disruptions

All STAGES spaces are in shared buildings with other activities and classrooms that are being used during the events, rehearsals, and other uses of STAGES spaces. Sound and noise is expected to stay under a 95 Db limit. It is the Producer’s responsibility to keep noise to a minimum at all times both in the spaces and in the hallways. Any disruption to classes or other activities may result in the immediate cancellation of the event.


It is the responsibility of the Producer to arrange with Events Management for garbage bins to be placed outside the event. Garbage bins inside the spaces are used for production staff and are not serviced by the university. Use of these bins will result in a special garbage pick up from USF Facilities Management and the fee will be billed to your FOAP.

In particular bobby pins must all be collected and removed from the space at the end of each event.  Left in the space they can damage the floor, interfere with rigging, as well as be a potential hazard to other users of the space.


Depending upon the nature of the event the Producer may be asked to arrange for USF’s Department of Public Safety to be onsite for the start, end, or the full event. Any costs associated with this is the responsibility of the Producer.

It is the Producer’s responsibility to arrange for the security of the Spaces as well as the building, after and during the event. All doors should be checked and locked, and any exterior doors also checked and closed and not be left propped open. If there is any question, please contact USF public safety and they can help you secure the space.

Lobby & Front of House

Depending upon the nature and scope of the event, USF STAGES may require the use of STAGES front of house staff, including a box office manager and a house manager.  If they are determined to be necessary, the Producer must use them and defer to them on all matters on the operations of the Front of House. Regardless if the front of house staff is STAGES or the Producing entity’s staff, it is the Producer’s responsibility to restore the front of house and lobby spaces to a neutral and clean state: All posted flyers taken down, tables and chairs struck, and anything that has been moved put back to where it was moved from at the end of each and every event night/time. 

Schedule Changes and Canceling

Canceling an approved booked event or time in USF STAGES spaces must be done at least One month prior to the first day of any bookings or the Producers FOAP will be assessed a $100 administrative fee. 

Failure to Cancel a booked event or space usage, or canceling within 1 week of the event start date, may result in a larger $300-$600 (depending upon scope of event) per day fee to cover associated labor costs and lost booking revenue.  Cancellations or changes in bookings must be done through EMS and the producer must inform the Director of STAGES immediately upon canceling or re-booking with EMS.  Failure to do both these steps will result in the booking not being officially canceled and the fees will apply.


Limited storage of props, costumes, and other items is allowed in the space during the duration of the event but must be pre-approved by STAGES staff, placed neatly in designated storage areas, and labeled with both the event name and dates of the event.  All items in storage must be struck from the Spaces at the end of the reserved time in the space. Anything in the space that is not stored in the approved manner, or is left after the event booking dates, will be removed by USF Facilities Management and the appropriate charges made to the Producer’s FOAP.

Producer on Site

A paid Faculty or Staff of USF, either the Producer, or a representative of the producing entity, must be onsite and present during the duration of the event or other booked time in the space.  Student-produced and operated events must have a Faculty or Staff advisor attend all times they are booked and using the spaces unless approved by the Director of USF STAGES.

Access by USF STAGES staff

USF STAGES staff may enter and supervise any event or activity in STAGES spaces at any time and without restriction, except for active use of the dressing room for changing. Any attempt to restrict USF STAGES from entering a space other than active dressing room changes will result in the cancellation of the event and USF Public Safety will be called.

Return the space to Neutral State

If you move or change something in the spaces, including the lobbies, and backstage, please return it exactly as you found it including but not limited to removal of everything that was brought into the space, cleaning, and replacing all chairs, tables, music stands, podiums, microphones, equipment, or anything else used to where it was when you entered the space.

Usage Agreement

PRODUCER: By signing below you agree that you have read and understood the rules as presented and will follow them to the best of your ability.

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