Strike and Restore Agreement

In order to produce in STAGES spaces a Faculty Producer, Production Manager, or Ensemble Producer must sign this agreement and be responsible for a full strike and restore of the space. Strike and restore must be accomplished within the booked time in the space, and begin no further than 1 day after end of the event. Details and timing may be changed with approval from USF STAGES.

Full strike and restore includes


  • All props and personal items are removed
  • Prop tables are put away
  • Running lights are neatly put away
  • Any light, sound or edison cable run back stage is coiled neatly and returned to lighting and sound storage
  • Sound, lighting and stage manager closets are neat and organized
  • Any garbage is removed from the spaces
  • Refrigerator fully cleaned out

Dressing Rooms

  • Set completely removed and any trash taken off sight
  • Spike marks and tape removed
  • Floor swept
  • All curtains returned to rep position
  • All projections screens struck or retracted
  • Cyc up and traveler open (in presentation theater only)
  • Any light, sound or power cables that have been added for this production are struck neatly back to appropriate closets.


For Mainstage only with the supervision of USF STAGES

  • House plot restored
  • Extraneous circuits unpatched
  • Lightboard house configuration restored
  • Extraneous instruments put away in tech room
  • Extraneous cable coiled & put away


  • Mixing console restored to house configuration
  • Mics & extraneous speakers put away
  • Extraneous cable coiled & put away

All used spaces

Including classrooms, the scene shop, costume shop and props closet.

  • Extraneous tables & chairs put away
  • Floor swept or vacuumed
  • Garbage cleared
  • Any signs and tape removed from walls, doors, or any other surfaces

Large objects or trash left behind will be charged to the Producers FOAP for removal by USF Facilities Management.

Agreement Confirmation

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