Employer of the Day

Make a 30 minute appointment with a real-world employer. Get help on your resume, interview preparation, industry research, or search advice. Sign up for an appointment on Handshake.  We have three Employer of the Day opportunities each semester.


  • Read up on and be prepared to speak about that Employer during your mock interview.
  • Look at our resources on the CSC Website regarding interview preparation.
  • Dress professionally on the day of the interview (conservative business attire, haircut, shoes shined, etc.).
  • If you will be unable to make your scheduled interview, phone Career Services at least 24 hours in advance so someone else can use that time slot.


  • Show up for the interview about 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Sign in on the UC 5th Floor.
  • Interviews are scheduled for 30 minutes and include a brief resume review, open dialogue with the interviewer, a formal "mock interview" and a critique.
  • Mock Interviews can be videotaped and reviewed with the counselor.  If you would like to take a copy of the video with you, please bring an empty 2GB thumb drive.  Please note that Career Services will not keep a copy of the recording.


  • A thank you note to the interviewer is strongly recommended. The address can be obtained from the CSC front desk.
  • You will be asked to complete a Mock Interview Evaluation.

How To Register for Employer of the Day:

Students can log into their Handshake account to see the list of participating employers and sign up for Employer of the Day: 

1) Click on the Apply button below.

2) Once you apply for the Employer of the Day, click the On-Campus Interviews tab under Jobs, and choose your appointment time for the Employer of the Day.