Emailing Applications

There are several different ways to deliver your resume and/or cover letter:  

  • As an email attachment;
  • Written in the email message;
  • Uploaded to an online application.

Note: In all email communication, include a Subject Line, for example: First Name Last Name, Application, Position Title

The job posting should provide information about how interested candidates can apply. Make sure to follow the detailed instructions, as you may be advised about how to format the document, what to write in the subject line of an email message and when to submit the resume for the employer to review it. If instructions are not provided, the best way to deliver your resume or cover letter is to send it as an attachment.

To Send Your Resume/Cover Letter As An Attachment

  • Create your document in Microsoft Word or another commonly used word processing program. Unless the employer specifies not to, convert the document into a PDF file.
  • Save the document under a distinguishable name such as “JaneSmithResume.doc”. This way the employer can readily identify your document and find it once saved to a computer. Avoid being too general and saving your document as “Resume.doc.”
  • In the body of the email, include a brief sentence stating that you are attaching your resume and cover letter for the hiring manager’s review. Always be sure to include a professional greeting and closing to your email.
  • Send a copy to someone you know first to ensure that it is easy to download, the formatting remains secure, and it is free of viruses.

To Send Your Resume/Cover Letter in the Text of the Email Message

  • The cover letter should come before the resume in the body of the message. Your cover letter can be copied and pasted from your text document into the body of the email.
  • Cut and paste the text into the body of the email. Make sure to save your cover letter and resume as “text only” or “plain text.”
  • Avoid using italics, underlining, graphics, shading or bold. Use UPPERCASE for section headings and (*) for bullets.
  • Do not use tabs; instead align all of the text along the left-hand margin.
  • Send a test email to yourself and a friend first to view the appearance in different email systems (i.e. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc.)
  • The text resume may look simple, but the employer’s main focus is the content of your resume.

To Upload Your Resume/Cover Letter to an Online Application

  • Read the complete application instructions, and revise and reformat your documents to comply.
  • Similar to an email attachment, it is recommended that the document is saved under a distinguishable name such as “JaneSmithResume.doc.”
  • Some companies will instruct applicants to upload their document as a specific file type, such as .doc, .rtf, or .txt, so it is important to follow the instructions.
  • Before submitting, confirm that you have uploaded the document by looking for symbols or messages, like “Upload Successful,” or a hyperlink that would allow the company to download and review it.