Undergraduate Students Academic Disqualification

As per USF's undergraduate student regulations and policies, academic disqualification constitutes the termination of a student's relationship with the University for unsatisfactory academic performance. A disqualified student may not register in any of the University's classes and is denied all privileges of student status.

The following students are subject to disqualification:

  • Students who, after being placed on academic probation, fail to achieve a 2.0 (C) average for the work undertaken during the probationary semester.
  • See additional criteria for disqualification of students in the School of Nursing and Health Professions: Undergraduate Student Regulations.

Appeal and Petition Instructions for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who have been academically disqualified from the University of San Francisco are not eligible to enroll or continue in any course work at USF without going through the Appeal process. To formally appeal the disqualification, students must submit petition materials to be reviewed by the Academic Disqualification Appeals Committee.

Before you begin the appeal process, we encourage you to consider whether it's the right time to return to USF. If you have been recently dismissed, many students find it helpful to take time away before appealing. If you decide that you are not prepared to appeal at this time, you may contact us again in a future semester.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Academic Disqualification appeal process, you can contact your CASA academic success coach via email or call them at (415) 422-5050 or contact Sara Solloway at (415) 422-6742 or backontrack@usfca.edu.

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Dates and Deadlines:

  • Petition application opens: Friday, May 10, 2024 at 9 AM Pacific Time
  • Petition application submission deadline: Monday, June 10, 2024 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time
  • Recommender support submission deadline: Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time
  • If your application moves forward to the next stage in the appeal process, you will be assigned an appointment time for your hearing by phone or email, which will take place around June 13 - 18, 2024 via Zoom

Petition Materials for Undergraduate Students

Please submit this recommender contact information as soon as possible, as that will give more time to your recommenders to complete their recommendation on your behalf. If your recommender does not submit a recommendation by the deadline, you will not be eligible to move forward with the appeal process and will need to appeal at another time.

Select a minimum of one person who supports your case for reinstatement. Once you have selected your recommender(s), you may use the link below to provide the contact information for your recommender(s) at any time and a direct email with an online submission form will be sent to them. You will be notified via email once the recommendation has been received.

Please contact your recommender in advance to ask for their permission to complete a recommendation on your behalf and let them know the due date and give them a couple of days to complete the form. The recommender can be a USF professor or staff member (not your CASA academic success coach), high school teacher/counselor, therapist, or employer; or anyone who is not related to you (peers/friends are also excluded).

The submission deadline for the recommender's support is Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Recommender Contact Information Form

You must complete questions that can help you to reflect on why your grades fell below academic status, and what changes you have made to ensure future academic success at USF. The petition application will be open starting Friday, May 10, 2024. Students must submit all petition materials by Monday, June 10, 2024 at 11:59 PM (late submissions are not accepted).

Notice about Medical Documentation

If you experienced medical issues that impacted your academic success, please upload them in the appropriate area on your petition application.

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Petition Materials Review Process

The Academic Disqualification Appeals Committee will review all the Petition Materials and base a decision on the following:

  1. Academic Probation Contract Fulfillment: 1-on-1 meetings with success coach
  2. Quality of Written Petition (Application Questions)
  3. Recommendation Materials - If your recommender does not submit a recommendation by the deadline, you will not be eligible to move forward with the appeal process and will need to appeal at another time.

All appeal applicants will be notified of their petition outcome primarily by phone (or email, if phone is not available). Students with strong petition applications will be contacted and invited to move forward to the appeal hearing process. If your appeal hearing is successful, you will be reinstated and eligible to return to USF classes based on any Committee conditions and recommendations.

If your Petition Materials are not approved, you will not be eligible to return to USF for the following semester. The Academic Disqualification Committee will provide you with feedback about your petition materials and may allow you to go through the appeal process again in a future semester.

Many students have told us that it was helpful for them to take time away from USF before deciding to go through the Academic Disqualification process. We recommend consulting with your success coach to receive assistance, advice, and counsel during this time of reflection and discernment.


Helpful Preparation for Application Completion

Below are the appeal questions asked on the application, you may want to thoughtfully consider your responses prior to receiving the application link. Once the application link is sent to you, you must complete it at one time, or your link may become invalid. If your link becomes invalid, please contact Sara Solloway at backontrack@usfca.edu.

Suggestion: Write up the responses to your questions in another spot (like a word document) and put your responses into the application at one time, as you will not be able to save your work and go back to it within the application form.


Application Questions:

  1. Explain in detail why your grades fell below academic standards (if you experienced medical issues, please email any medical documentation to backontrack@usfca.edu).
  2. Describe why you believe you will be more successful at USF if reinstated. For example, what resources on- or off-campus have you utilized to address your challenges? If you have documentation that you think will help the Appeals Committee to better understand why you are prepared to be more successful this upcoming semester, please email it to backontrack@usfca.edu
  3. What major would you like to pursue at USF and why did you choose it? If you were not able to complete this major, what other majors would you consider?
  4. What are your career goals?
  5. Explain your graduation timeline and when you expect to graduate.
  6. Are you planning on being employed during the semester? If so, how many hours per week will you be working?
  7. Did you complete all of the Back on Track program requirements as stated in your academic probation contract? If not completed, please explain.
  8. Have you applied for financial aid? Do you have housing arranged in San Francisco?
  9. Explain what changes you have made to ensure future academic success.

Appeal Process Visual Overview

Appeal Process Visual Overview