Gender Affirming Clothing Closet

The Gender Affirming Clothing Closet is now open for individual styling appointments! All USF students can book an appointment by emailing!

The Gender Affirming Clothing Closet (GACC) is an on-campus resource with the intention of providing trans and gender non-conforming USF students access to free clothing and accessories within a safe space. Trans and gender non-conforming students can take as much or as little as they want at one or multiple appointments. We welcome students to book an appointment with no questions asked, and you will never be made to prove or defend your identity in our spaces.

This closet exists because of the unfounded difficulty that trans and gender non-conforming people experience accessing gender affirming clothing. Many members of this community have a hard time finding places where they can shop comfortably due to targeted harrassment, cannot feasibly replace large amounts of their clothes to help them express their gender at once, and can find it financially difficult to purchase clothing due to financial dependency on unaccepting families and job discrimination. 

We kindly ask that students refrain from taking items for hobbies such as drag or cosplay, or reselling items through second-hand apps and retailers.

GACC Pop-ups

The Gender & Sexuality Center hosts occasional pop-ups to promote the Clothing Closet and allow USF students to learn more about the closet. During pop-ups, students may sort through and check out available clothing, or sign up for individual appointments.

Donating to the Closet

The closet relies on donations of clothing from the University of San Francisco campus community members as the primary way to sustain itself. Individual donations must be screened by our staff before they can be accepted, and we cannot guarantee the acceptance of all donations. We do not accept drop-offs without prior agreement.

If you are interested in donating to the closet, email

Utilizing the Closet

The clothing closet is located in the Gender & Sexuality Center lounge space (University Center Room 413). The closet is accessible by appointment during the hours of 11am-5pm weekdays while classes are in session, and is closed during academic breaks. During an appointment, our student interns will select items that match your indicated preferences and privately work with you to select and find what you are looking for. You may also elect to invite 1-2 additional USF students to accompany you for support by indicating their names when scheduling an appointment.

This service is only open to current USF students.

To schedule an individual styling appointment use our Gender Affirming Clothing Closet Appointment booker.