LGBTQ+ Health Resources Home Page

The below resources and information has been compiled by the USF Queer Safety and Education for Nurses (QSEN)! If you would like to ask QSEN an LGBTQ+ healthcare related question, you can submit anonymous LGBTQ+ Healthcare questions here. If you would like to contact or keep in contact with what QSEN is doing, you can follow QSEN on Instagram. Not sure where to start? Test your knowledge with a quiz on queer healthcare.

This web page is organized into six sections, expanded on below.

Definitions and Introductions

What does it mean to be transgender? What questions can I ask? How should I ask them? What terminology is appropriate?

Specialty Specific Resources

Peds, Geriatrics, ICU, any other specialties? LGBTQ people exist in all specialties, learn how to care for them in all settings.

Specific Medical Interventions

Wondering about Testosterone? Estrogen? Gender affirming surgeries?  Look at our resources on the most up to date information about medical care. 


Why do people detransition? Why do we hear so much about it?

Nursing Education Resources

Want to integrate LGBTQ education into your curriculum? Look here for resources on teaching and additional materials.



This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be solely relied on as health or personal advice. This web page shall not be used to suggest, confirm, contradict, or rule out a medical diagnosis. We ask that you seek the guidance of your primary care physician or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or a medical condition, as this information does not constitute health advice.