Detransition Education

Detransition Among Transgender and Gender-Diverse People—An Increasing and Increasingly Complex Phenomenon

  • Although transgender and gender-diverse (TGD) people have been receiving hormone therapy and surgical interventions for several decades, information and public discourse on discontinuation rates of hormones, detransition, and regret were sparse until around 2016.

Health Care Experiences of Patients Discontinuing or Reversing Prior Gender-Affirming Treatments

  • An examination on the physical and mental health experiences of people who initiated medical or surgical detransition to inform clinical practice.

Detransition Facts and Statistics 2022

  • Detransition facts and statistics that are unbiased are hard to come by in 2022. However, how many trans people detransition?  What reasons do detransitioners cite for their detransition?

Factors Leading to "Detransition" Among Transgender and Gender Diverse People in the United States: A Mixed-Methods Analysis

  • There is a paucity of data regarding transgender and gender diverse (TGD) people who "detransition," or go back to living as their sex assigned at birth. This study examined reasons for past detransition among TGD people in the United States.