Catholic Educational Leadership Summer Session

Catholic Education Leadership professors standing together.

The Catholic Educational Leadership (CEL)  Summer Session at USF is a unique space. During this time students, faculty and staff come together to learn, connect, and share faith and fellowship as educators with a common mission, advancing justice through education. Summer Session is made possible by the support from the McGrath Institute of Jesuit Catholic Education.

Pictured above: Desiree Zerquera, Associate Professor and Department chair leadership studies; Jane Bleasdale Assistant Professor and Faculty Program Coordinator CEL; Michael Duffy, Director of McGrath Institute for Jesuit Catholic Education; and Ursula Aldana, Associate Professor and Faculty CEL.

Program Delivery

  • Current students take classes for one, two, or three weeks. 
  • On campus accommodations are available, students often share study and community activities.
  • Scholarships are available for current and visiting students.
  • Classes meet daily from 8-5 pm with time for fellowship, reading, reflection and prayer built in.

Visiting Students

 All Catholic Educational Leadership Courses are open to visiting students. We welcome visiting students to join us for one or two classes either during the summer or each semester.

Catholic Educational Leadership Visiting Students

Summer Housing

On campus accommodations are available, students often share study and community activities. On-Campus housing is available from Saturday, June 10th, through Saturday, July 1st. Applications must be received by May 31, 2023.

Register for Housing

Cost of Apartment-Style Housing

  • Single Occupancy Rate - $99/night
  • Double Occupancy Rate - $150/night ($75.00 per person/night)

Please note: For double occupancy, a double room means that a student shares the bedroom with one other student.

Summer Session 2024

Department of Leadership Studies Catholic Educational Leadership Program 

Summer Session Immersion - June 2024 

The Jesuit University - Ateneo De Manila University, in the Philippines. 

The CEL summer program is a well established international community that is held on campus annually. Students live, study and connect in community for each class. We are proposing that we deepen our international component of the program by collaborating with CEL students who are also faculty at Ateneo Manila.Building on what Ateneo Manila is already doing in the SALT institute and Teacher Education program connecting with the work in SOE at USF and deepening our focus on global education and our Jesuit mission.

Summer 2024

The CEL summer session is a community of educators, leaders and practitioners committed to principles of justice and humanizing education. CEL uses Catholic Social Teaching as our framework, social reality as our core text and liberation as our goal. The immersion is open to current SOE students who share our mission of 'advancing justice through education'.

Critical Pedagogy and Cultural Immersion experiences

  • Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm a Framework for Leadership I 
    • June 12 2023 - June 16 2023
  • Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm a Framework for Leadership II
    • June 19 2023 - June 23 2023 (students must attend week one to participate in week two) 
  • Educational Technology: Mission Focused 21st Century Practices 
  • June 26 - Jun 30, 2023
    • Topics- equity and inclusion, closing the divide,(week three will be one full class - students can opt to attend for one week)

Immersion experience: estimated costs $1200 (for two weeks) + flight (includes hotel, ground transportation and some meals) 

Weekends will include optional social - cultural activities. 

Open to all students in the SOE, initial registration preference given to Department of Leadership Studies Students.

For more information on Summer Session in Manila come to our information session on: TBA