Student Conduct Code

Community and Public Health Policy

To protect the health and wellness of the greater campus community, the University, under certain circumstances, will implement certain expectations and guidelines related to current events and public health. During Public Health related emergencies, the University will follow guidelines outlined by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These guidelines are subject to change.

In order to facilitate a safer return to campus, we as a USF community must all do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes educating ourselves and working together in adhering to all guidelines and expectations.

As a USF student and community member, you are required to comply with all expectations including but not limited to:

  • Following all SFDPH guidelines and orders:
  • Following all USF guidelines and policies, including, but not limited to,
    • Social/physical distancing protocols;
    • Requirements to wear a face covering over your nose and mouth;
    • Guidelines for events and social gatherings.
    • Providing proof of vaccination status

Other guidelines will include restricting guests on campus; restricting group gathering size, both on and off campus; restricting access to certain spaces within residence halls and dining areas, etc. 

Students will also be expected to follow all guidelines outlined by the SFDPH and CDC when off campus, between campuses, and coming to and from campus. 

The expectations and guidelines developed during such times are to be followed by all USF community members, guests, and visitors. The University will provide notice to students of these expectations as guidelines are put into place. Signage will be placed around campus with information specific to the area. Information specific to residential students can be found by visiting the Student Housing and Residential Services Covid-19 page.

Students who violate guidelines will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct, Rights & Responsibility (OSCRR). There will be a separate process for faculty and staff who do not adhere to the guidelines. 

Students who fail to follow any of these expectations will meet with OSCRR staff, in which the goal will be to affect change in behavior in order to maintain a safe and healthy campus. Those found responsible will be provided with educational opportunities to correct behavior. Egregious or repeated violations may result in enhanced sanctions, including suspension for the semester or longer. Guests and visitors who fail to follow these expectations will be asked to leave campus. If they do not leave campus, Public Safety will be notified and the individual(s) will be removed from campus.


COVID-19 Resources

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