Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions

Many home pregnancy tests (HPTs) claim to be 99% accurate on the day you miss your period. However, research suggests that most HPTs do not consistently spot pregnancy that early. If you can wait one week after your missed period, most home pregnancy tests will give you an accurate answer.

The USF Student Health Services offers students pregnancy tests. USF Student Health Clinic is locatedat2250 Hayes Street, 3rd Floor
, (415) 750-5995.

You should seek support from a medical professional for prenatal care as soon as possible. USF Student Health Clinic physicians can provide you with a list of prenatal care providers.

University Ministry offers the services of trained pastoral counselors in a caring, supportive, non-judgmental environment to help you consider the spiritual dimensions. To make an appointment with a campus minister, please call 415.422.4463.

Counseling and Psychological Services can assist students in developing greater self-understanding and help to resolve issues that interfere with students optimal personal functioning. To schedule an appointment with a clinically trained counselor, please call 415.422.6352.

The USF Student Health Clinic staff at St. Mary’s Hospital can help arrange a referral to an off campus physician, provide nutritional guidance and answer your questions about what to expect during your pregnancy.

After the deductible ($200 per benefit year) has been met; medical expenses for pregnancy, childbirth and complications of pregnancy are payable on the same basis as any other sickness. If you have questions about the USF-sponsored health plan, please contact Natalie Macias at or Aetna customer service at 877.850.6036.

No. You are encouraged to continue your education at the University of San Francisco if you desire and are physically able to do so. The University community will support your academic and personal growth and accommodate your needs regarding course work and housing. You will also have the option to take a leave of absence up to one year and come back and resume your studies.

Finding a medical provider for prenatal care is important. USF Student Health Services physicians will help you with getting information for area doctors. In addition you can contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 415.422.6352. You are also encouraged to contact University Ministry at 415.422.4463. Both of these offices have individuals that can help you with questions about the pregnancy.

Call 1-800-311-BABY (1-800-311-2229). This toll-free telephone number will connect you to the Health Department in your area code.

Yes, you can continue to live in your residence hall until your baby is born.

Yes, arrangements that are reasonable can be made. Student Disability Services can assist you with this process and work with your academic college or school.

The Office of the Dean of Students provides confidential information to pregnant students. Please contact this office at (415) 422-5330.