Instructional Design Consultations

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The Instructional Design team has aligned Instructional Designers with each of the Schools and Colleges to better support faculty in their pursuit of technology-enhanced teaching. You can book a one hour 1:1 session to discuss a teaching challenge, review your course, learn more about aligning your assessments with learning objectives, and mor

To book a 1:1 Instructional Design consultation with your School/College Instructional Designer, visit the Request a Consultation and Services Page.

Jill Ballard
Jill Ballard

Instructional Designer

Angelica Portacio
Angie Portacio

Instructional Designer

School/College Instructional Designer
College of Arts and Sciences Jill Ballard
School of Education Angie Portacio
School of Law Angie Portacio
School of Management tba

School of Nursing and Health Professions

Angie Portacio

ID resources

Instructional Design Resources

Browse our course design tip sheets, templates and how-to guides.

Interested in some research-based tips and tricks regarding technology-enhanced course design? Check out the USF Instructional Design blog.