Student Bar Association

Welcome to the University of San Francisco School of Law Student Bar Association’s webpage. Here students will find the resources that they need to succeed, both in law and in life. We pride ourselves on the student community that we have built at USF Law, and the Student Bar Association seeks to maintain a healthy, happy, and successful student body.

Be sure to check out the resources both here on the web, and in our office at Koret Hall Room 114. We are open between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Monday through Thursday (except scheduled academic holidays). We look forward to seeing you and please do not hesitate to give us feedback on the resources available and/or how we can make your experience better.


Your Student Bar Association Executive Board

2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 422-2279


Jada Smith

Vice President 

Akayla Sellers


Gurinder "Rin" Jassar


Cameron Freeman

ABA Representative

Kad Smith

2021-2022 SBA Council Positions & Descriptions

Student Bar Association Committees

Budget Committee

Khusbeen Dhillion, 2L

Jonathan Dean, 3L

Career and Professional Development Committee

Sijia Zhang, 3L

Community Service Committee 

Albert Ujcic III, 2L

Diversity Committee

Marisela Musgrove, 3L

Nicole Marie Ramos, 2L

Faculty Engagement Committee

Sijia Zhang, 3L

Financial Assistance and Planning Committee

Khusbeen Dhillion, 2L

Graduation Committee

Nicole Croce, 3L

Social Activities and Media Content Committee

Sydney Baba, 2L

Jonathan Dean, 3L

Law School and Grad Community Outreach Committee

Jonathan Dean, 3L

Graduate Student Senate Representative

Robert Navarrette, 3L

JD/MBA Program Liaison

Santiago Mendez Morales, 3L

SBA Mentor/Mentee Program 

John Imobersteg, 2L

Derek LaForest, 2L

Student Services & Wellness Coordinator

Adeni Chen, 2L

Standing Faculty Committees with Student Representatives

Academic Standards Committee Representative

Seaf Hartley, 2L

Alison Kearney, 2L

Admissions Committee Representative

Shelby Peterson, 3L

Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Representative

Yesenia Sandoval, 3L

Nicole Marie Ramos, 2L

Educational Programs Committee Representative

Robert Navarrette, 3L

Faculty Appointments Committee Representative

Shelby Peterson, 3L

International Programs Committee Representative

Anthony William Whaley, 3L

Social Justice/Public Interest/LRAP Committee Representative

Jordan Jaech, 2L

Representative Positions 

ABA Primary Representative

Lauren McKinney, 2L