Academic Honors

There are two ways that matriculating students can receive academic honors at the University of San Francisco School of Law:  (1) the Dean’s List; and (2) the McAuliffe Honor Society.

1.  Dean’s List for JD Students Entering 2015 and Later

Students whose cumulative grade point average places them in the top 10% of their percentage group after the fall or spring semester, including their first-year, are on the Dean’s List and receive letters informing them of that honor.  This achievement is also noted on the students’ official transcripts for that semester.  To be eligible for a particular semester, a student in the full-time program must complete at least 10 units and a student in the part-time program must complete at least 6 units at the School of Law.

JD seeking students in the any of the USF Dual Degree Programs are eligible for the Dean’s List based solely on their JD courses, if they carry at least 6 JD units in the relevant semester and maintain full-time status in the concurrent degree program.

Students who did not complete their first-year of study at the USF School of Law are not eligible for the Dean’s List until they complete 24 letter-graded credits at the USF School of Law.

2.  The McAuliffe Honor Society for First-Year JD Students Entering 2015 and Later

The McAuliffe Honor Society sends invitations to become members after the fall and spring semester to the top students in the first-year class, based primarily on class rank, as well as professionalism and diversity of background and experience.  Membership in the Society includes special benefits, such as guidance from a faculty program advisor; specialized programming (e.g., workshops to obtain a judicial clerkship and to publish an article); unique opportunities to connect with alumni; and support for serving as a faculty research assistant.  It may also include a renewable scholarship.  No further invitations to the McAuliffe Honor Society are extended after the first year, and members remain in the Society until their graduation if they maintain a 3.30 cumulative GPA and abide by the Student Handbook.  Upon graduation, members of the Society receive special certificates and the recognition is noted on their law school transcripts. 

Questions about the Dean’s List or the McAuliffe Honor Society may be directed to Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Stephanie Carlos or Law Registrar Stephanie Darcy