Digital Ad Best Practices

Digital Ad Formats

  • Responsive text ads

Sport Management, MS in search results
Search Ad

  • Static Banners
  • Animated Banners
    • Giff
    • HTML5

Display banner ad
Display Banner Ad

  • Single Image
  • Carousel
  • Video & HTML5 Images
  • Text

Social Ad
Social Ad

YouTube video
Video Ad

Ad Format by Campaign Type

  • Upper Funnel Campaigns – Awareness & Consideration
    • Ad Format: Video & Animated HTML5
    • # of Executions: Three or more
  • Lower Funnel Campaigns – Call to Action (Completed RFIs, RSVPs, Donations)
    • Ad Format: Static Banners, Single Image, Carousel, Text # of Executions: Five +
      • Important to have multiple executions given drop in performance that occurs after multiple exposures. More is better!

Digital Ad Best Practices

  • Have a minimum of ten ads per fiscal year so ads can be optimized every two months
    • Meta data shows that after four repeated exposures, on average there is a 60% drop in conversions
  • Make sure ads are mobile friendly
  • Use effective landing pages that have a design and message consistent with ad, have an easy to complete form, are mobile-friendly, and have an enticing CTA
  • Use action-oriented text in headlines
  • Have a different headline for each ad
  • Use short and sweet copy that establishes urgency and serves as a teaser to make users want to know more about program/event/etc.
  • Content should educate and inform
  • Lower funnel ads should have a call to action (learn more, RSVP, donate)
  • Ensure headlines and descriptions incorporate the following themes to make ads meaningful and engaging for the target
    • Outcomes
    • Program key benefits and selling points
    • Offers/incentives
    • Location benefits
    • Changes/updates to program
    • Social Proof
  • Have multiple images (8 to 10) available so that each ad has a different visual
  • Use minimal text on images
  • Use people in visuals and ensure visuals include the diversity of USF’s students so our target feels they are represented in the advertising
  • Show campus visuals and classroom shots to show the USF experience
  • Use video ads when available – video ads have higher engagement and get more clicks
  • Incorporate user-generated content (UGC) video ads to help manage costs and be more appealing to younger demographics (Gen Z, younger Millennials)
  • Ensure the brand call out is in first :03 to :05 of video ads
  • Develop shorter videos - :15 or :20 preferred; :30 max