Landing Page Best Practices

Landing Page Experience

  • Ads have a “Learn More” CTA
  • Additionally ad is clickable from all text boxes
  • CTA and text boxes all drive to the same landing page


  • Landing page has minimal areas where user can click/engage
  • Some landing pages include program videos that play on the page
  • Slate embedded form on the right offers the opportunity to collect leads

Example landing page

  • Enables tracking and attribution to occur in both Google Analytics and Slate

Slate URL 

Slate Embedded Form:

Slate Form

  • Platforms are set up to count a “Thank You” page as a conversion
  • URL must contain “thank you”

Thank You Page

  • Prospect becomes part of drip campaign
    • Email marketing, event notification, phone follow-up, etc.
  • Recruiters are able to assess leads from platforms in Slate

Slate Spreadsheet of prospects

Best Practices

  • Focus on one clear CTA that is positioned above the fold
  • Keep Slate form simple
  • Minimize links on page
  • Ensure messaging matches the ad
  • Include a video, hero image, or quote
  • Write focused headlines
  • Emphasize benefits
  • Leverage social proof (e.g. testimonials, rankings)
  • Easy to navigate
  • Design for mobile
  • Minimize load time
  • Update often to keep content fresh and in line with ad copy

Criteria for Evaluating Landing Pages

  • Use of high-quality videos or images on the page
  • Key information placed above the fold
  • With multiple visuals, are they interspersed throughout page
  • Use bullets, bold/italics and spacing for visual separation
  • Amount of Text – not too much
  • Does copy pay out the ads?
  • Does the landing page have a strong call to action?
  • Are keywords included in the content? Important for Search ads.
  • User-focused copy that delivers on ads
    • Outcomes
    • Program Benefits/Key Selling Points
    • Location Benefits
    • Offers/Incentives
  • Social proof with testimonials, endorsements, rankings, etc.

Before and After

Landing page before revamp

  • No visual in heading
  • Text-heavy
  • No visual or quote in body

Landing page after implementing best practices

  • Photo imagery
  • Incentive highlighted
  • Video imagery
  • Light benefit-focused text
  • Simple RFI form front and center