Dons Elections Fall Results

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Students are elected to all positions for ASUSF Senate and Residence Hall Councils through the Dons Elections. 

2807 eligible voters

522 voters participated

19% voter participation

ASUSF Senate Results 

Freshman class representative 

Abigail Dinius: 99.86% Approval   

Residence Hall Association results

Fromm Residence Hall Council 


Haley Keizur: 47.92% of the vote
Caitlin Nguyen: 52.08% of the vote 

Vice President:

Abigail Binius: 97.96% Approval


Sierra baruh: 50% of the vote 
Liangbaihui Tian: 50% of the vote

Marketing Specialist: 

Louise Li: 96% approval   

Advocacy Specialist:

Kenzi Brown: 97.92% Approval 

Gillson Residence hall council 


Maaz Hashmi: 21.21% of the vote
Olivia paderon: 29.55% of the vote 
Luz Zamudio: 11.36% of the vote 
Karen Monrreal Perez: 10.6% of the vote 
Alina Jaiden Reyes: 27.27% of the vote 

vice president:

Emma Hunter: 89.84% Approval 
Marketing specialist :

Jeremy Nacu: 96.95% Approval 

Leah Hanley: 89.15% Approval


Allessandra Stroud: 91.95% Approval

Hayes-Healy Residence hall Council


Jared Bague: 36.75% of the vote
Amy Phan: 10.26% of the vote
Savannah Porteous: 15.38% of the vote
Tony Jackson: 37.61 of the vote
vice president:

Dru Pang: 90.65% Approval

Trang Ha: 90.74% Approval

Jacob Tucker: 91.95% approval
marketing specialist:

Kaitlyn Dong: 86.79% Approval
advocacy specialist:

Josh Long: 86.79% Approval

Trevor Autenreith: 91.59% Approval

lone mountain / Pacific wing residence hall council


Anneliese Abreu: 62.71% of the vote
Jose Estrada-Ramirez: 37.29% of the vote
vice president:

Brandon Ramirez: 98.21% Approval

Claudia Chan: 92.86% Approval
market specialist:

Callie Fausey: 96.64% Approval
advocacy specialist:

Michael Miranda: 92.86% Approval


market specialist:

Brandon Guerrero: 97.92% of the vote
advocacy specialist:

Jah'melah Maat-Hotep: 65.31% of the vote
Jasmine Toyama: 34.69% of the vote

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