First Step

Visit and create an account on our rental website, or on the On-Campus Housing webpage (also under Quick Links). There you will find and do the following:

  1. Housing Search: This search for housing is specifically directed at USF students. Most of these properties are close to campus with landlords who have been renting to USF students or specifically want USF students. Also, students who are looking to fill an open vacancy in their apartments post here.
  2. Roommate Finder: Here you may post as well as search for a roommate/housemate within the USF community.
  3. Message Boards: Continually look for announcements on your chosen neighborhood or city, updates and news from USF, city happenings, vendor discounts, etc.
  4. Resources: A great place to view examples of tenant lease agreements/contracts, tips for the housing search, links to neighborhood maps and public transportation, and more.


Social media and SF websites are also good avenues to find housing. We encourage you to explore all options as you seek your new home. Create a biography post to send out to prospective persons or post your bio online.

Know Your Tenant Rights Before You Begin Your Search

The San Francisco Rent Board ( helps renters and landlords to know their rights and to get along. The rent board conducts hearings and mediations on disputes regarding the adjustment of rents under the rent ordinance. In addition, the rent board provides counseling, information, and investigation on reports of alleged wrongful eviction. While only a court can decide whether a tenant can be evicted, the rent board can still help.

Skill Development

While we realize the search for housing in SF may bring up some anxious feelings, we fully believe skills one learns from the process, such as organization, networking, and perseverance, will serve you well.


In addition to our USF rental site postings please consider visiting other websites and social media sites throughout the Bay Area.

Please note, however, that we can not guarantee off campus housing for you and, therefore, it will be up to you to treat the process as a priority. The below listings are provided to serve as a roadmap for your search, but are not vetted by OCSS.

Examples include:


  • Housing, Off campus, Class of 2021, Class of 2022, Class of 2023, Department
  • Graduate Housing Network (if a grad)
  • Interest groups that you are a member of


  • Affordable Housing for OK People
  • SF Area Rentals and Sublets
  • SF Roommate Exchange
  • Friends Looking for Housing SF


  • Room 8 app


  • Craigslist San Francisco
  • Trinty Management Group
  • Zillow
  • Zumper


Please view our Resources page on our website for the most current and up-to-date partner information. We are working continually to add and improve our network throughout the Bay Area.