How to Begin the Search When Not in SF

This situation can be a bit nerve racking, but if you break it down into smaller parts then you can tackle each situation one by one.

  1. Create your rental budget and also note the date you are arriving to SF. 
  2. With your rental budget in mind, determine what's reality. If it's less than $1,000 you'll likely be sharing a room; if it's over $1,200 you can find a private room. The space in between $1,000 and $1,200 will be up to market's availability.
  3. Research! Get on every site we listed and being to create your post and also begin to look at postings. This will help you get a sense of what's out there. Remember we post 30 days ahead of time so you many not find listings if you're beyond 30 days.
  4. Reach out to people who you're interested in living with, or to places you're looking to rent. Give them the date you're arriving and see about setting up a virtual meeting ahead of time, or create an appointment for when you arrive.

Cost of Living in America


  • If you can come early for a visit before you officially move in, then you want to plan all of the research and set up appointments before you arrive in SF. 
    • Note: This will only work if you can financially afford to rent before you move in and if you have all of your documents together during the initial search. If you can't then don't worry about this. Stressing about what can't be changed doesn't help the mind or body. 
  • If you can't come to SF before you'd like to move in then that is okay too. You will need to set up as many appointments before you arrive so you are prepared to search when you get too SF. It is important to also have a Plan B for short term housing in case your appointments don't pan out.