LGBTQ+ Housing Resources

OCL is working to support USF’s LGBTQ+ community members. If you face any challenges within the housing process because of your identity, please contact our department. Our staff list and contact information are on the Off-Campus Living page. We also collect names and information of landlords and property owners that USF students have had negative experiences with. If you would like to report any names anonymously, please email our department. Also, reach out if you need further help with the housing process, additional resources that would be helpful, or any questions or concerns. 


Roommates: LBGT+ or Gay Rooms for Rent 
USF Rental Website- Roommates 



Housing Resources:  

Facebook Groups: 

SF Queer House / Apartment / Room Share Listing

Gay Area Queer Housing S.F. Bay Area



Craigslist- queer|gay|trans|glbt|lgbt 


Misterb&b offers private rooms and apartments in LGBTQ-friendly hotels. Features include secure payment, connecting with other misterb&b travelers, help LGBTQ nonprofits when you book, and discreet invoicing. 




Housing Instability:

This list of resources offers opportunities, resources, and safety for people struggling with homelessness, housing instability, domestic violence, substance support, and more.

Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Housing and Health Services 


SF LGBT Center offers host homes to LGBTQ+ young adults from 18 to 24. “Host Homes staff work diligently to ensure that matches between hosts and guests are made based on aligned values, interests, and lifestyles...Hosts and guests are provided a number of supports from the SF LGBT Center, including training, regular check-ins, and stipends based on need and availability. Our goal is to house 10-15 youth in San Francisco for 3-12 months while providing case management that leads to stable housing.”

SF LGBT Center - Host Homes

Our Trans Home SF  is a coalition working to address homelessness and housing instability impacting Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex (TGI) people in the San Francisco Bay Area.” “Our Trans Home SF services includes rental assistance, transitional housing and navigation, advocacy and provider training.”

Our Trans Home SF