Residence Hall Councils

Join Your Residence Hall Council

Within the Residence Hall Association, there are several Residence Hall Councils. All council positions will be filled in the fall election. Each residence hall has seven RHC positions. All RHC members are in charge of all activities and advocating for policy changes in their respective residence halls.

View the RHC Constitution & Position Descriptions

Residence Hall Councils

  • Fromm
  • Gillson
  • Hayes-Healy
  • Lone Mountain East
  • Lone Mountain North
  • Loyola Village
  • Toler

Each council has the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Programmer
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Advocacy Specialist

Position Descriptions

RHC President
Commitment: 6 hours per week
Plan and preside over all RHC meetings. Delegate responsibilities and support officers. Work closely with the Vice President and RHC Advisor to ensure effectiveness of RHC.

Vice President
Commitment: 6 hours per week
Recruit floor representatives, inform residents of RHC meetings, and oversee vacancies.

Commitment: 6 hours per week
Responsible for a budget of $500 to utilize for hall programming. Needs to keep an accurate record of funds available.

Commitment: 6 hours per week
Take attendance, record and distribute weekly RHC minutes, and document programming through photographs and video.

Commitment: 6 hours per week
Coordinate 3 programs each semester, which fall under the following categories: community service, education, and social. Help delegate tasks to members of the RHC to create a successful event.

Marketing Specialist
Commitment: 6 hours per week
Create and distribute marketing and advertising media on print and social media.

Advocacy Specialist
Commitment: 6 hours per week
Work with the President and RHC Advisor on creating a survey for the hall and developing an advocacy plan for the academic year.

Floor Representatives
Commitment: 4 hours per week
Serve as a liaison between RHC and their floor. Report all pertinent floor information to RHC and vice versa.