COVID 19 Prevention Plan - Additional Consideration #2

Major COVID-19 Outbreaks

[This addendum will need to be added to your CPP should 20 or more employee COVID-19 cases in an exposed group visit your workplace during the high-risk exposure period within a 30-day period.Reference section 3205.2 for details.]

This addendum will stay in effect until there are fewer than three COVID-19 cases detected in our exposed group for a 14-day period.
We continue to comply with the Multiple COVID-19 Infections and COVID-19 Outbreaks addendum, except that the COVID-19 testing, regardless of vaccination status, is made available to all employees in the exposed group twice a week, or more frequently if recommended by the local health department.
In addition to complying with our CPP and Multiple COVID-19 Infections and COVID-19 Outbreaks addendum, we also:

  • Provide employees in the exposed group with respirators for voluntary use in compliance with section5144(c)(2) and determine the need for a respiratory protection program or changes to an existing respiratory protection program under section 5144 to address COVID-19 hazards.
  • Separate by six feet (except where we can demonstrate that six feet of separation is not feasible and there is momentary exposure while persons are in movement) any employees in the exposed group who are not wearing respirators required by us and used in compliance with section 5144. When it is not feasible to maintain a distance of at least six feet, individuals are as far apart as feasible. [Describe methods used, such as physical distancing that includes: telework or other remote work arrangements; reducing the number of persons in an area at one time, including visitors; visual cues such as signs and floor markings to indicate where employees and others should be located or their direction and path of travel; staggered arrival, departure, work, and break times; and adjusted work processes or procedures, such as reducing production speed, to allow greater distance between employees.]
  • Install cleanable solid partitions that effectively reduce transmission between the employee and other persons at workstations where an employee in the exposed group is assigned to work for an extended period, such as cash registers, desks, and production line stations, and where the physical distancing requirement (described above) is not always maintained.
  • Evaluate whether to halt some or all operations at the workplace until COVID-19 hazards have been corrected.
  • Implement any other control measures deemed necessary by Cal/OSHA.