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Due to the evolving nature of COVID-19, there may be a delay in response/turnaround time for risk management related items.  For urgent matters, please contact Melissa Diaz. Tel: (415) 422-5899

Liability Waiver Form to include COVID-19 Language

In January 2021, the waiver was updated and distributed to include COVID-19 language.  Please note that only minor changes have been made to the waiver, and the updated version is reflected here as of August 2021.

Remember that no waiver or acknowledgment of risk is a replacement for sound risk management practices. They are just one piece of a broader risk management strategy. We encourage you to develop a COVID-19 risk mitigation plan based on the unique risks of your program or activity, in addition to using any waivers or forms. In this way, we can ensure participants' safety, implement best practices, and achieve our teaching and learning objectives.

The following practices for waiver implementation can enhance risk management efforts for programs/activities taking place during the pandemic:

Waivers ensure participants are aware of any risks associated with the activity.

  • When distributing or collecting waivers, inform participants how to mitigate COVID-19 risks associated with the activity. This includes training participants on social distancing, basic hygiene practices and the use of Personal Protective Equipment. We should not assume that participants know how to combine public health risk mitigation with a particular activity, regardless of their experience and expertise.
  • Training should include activity modifications (if applicable), establishing a way to report any unsafe situations, and encouraging participants to ask questions.
  • Allow the participants sufficient time to understand what they are signing and that they are voluntarily choosing to sign the document. You can do this by holding a meeting to go over the waiver’s contents or giving the participants time to review the waiver and asking questions prior to signing. Please feel free to refer any questions to the Office of General Counsel or Risk Management.
  • Save signed documents for three years. It is critical that USF can locate waivers in the case of a legal claim against the university.
  • If an accident or incident occurs while the participants is participating in the program/activity, an accident report must be completed with Public Safety, and the waiver should also be saved indefinitely and forwarded to Public Safety and Risk Management.
  • If the waiver is signed on behalf of a minor by a parent or guardian, the waiver must be kept until three years after the minor turns 18. It is critical that USF can locate waivers in the case of a legal claim against the university.

Thank you for all that you are doing supporting our students, faculty, staff, visitors and volunteers and wishing you well in the new academic year.

Instructions to fill out Waiver

Contract Review

All contracts need to be reviewed by both the Office of General Counsel and Risk Management, prior to signing.