Insurance/Certificate of Insurance

Minimum Insurance Requirements for Contractors, Vendors and Facility Users

When an outside group wants to use a university facility for a meeting or event, the group must sign an agreement guaranteeing fiscal responsibility for any loss arising from their use of the facility. Please see a copy of the Contractor/Vendor Notice, which can be provided to groups wishing to contract with the University. A copy of the requested certificate of insurance should be forwarded to Melissa Diaz, Office of Accounting & Business Services before the event occurs.

Sports Camp/Kids Camp/Youth University/Upward Bound

For camps or programs that are sponsored by the University of San Francisco, insurance must be purchased for the participants by the coordinating department. All camp directors, coaches, volunteers, interns, counselors and staff must also be fingerprinted for a background check prior to the start of any camps. Please contact Melissa Diaz at or x5899 if questions arise.

The steps to get fingerprinted are as follows, please note this needs to be started 90 days prior to the camp or event:

  1. Email Melissa Diaz at for a copy of the LiveScan fingerprinting form that is pre-filled with USF’s information
  2. Complete the information section on the form for the person to be fingerprinted
  3. Bring the form to a LiveScan fingerprinting location.
    Valid Live Scan fingerprinting locations can be found through California Department of Justice (DOJ)

A report will be automatically generated and sent to Human Resources for review. Please note that until cleared, the fingerprinted individual will NOT BE ALLOWED TO WORK for the University. The reports can take up to 90 days to be processed by the DOJ.

Certificate of Insurance

When the university enters into a contract/agreement that requires the university to provide a certificate of insurance, please forward the request and a copy of the contract/agreement to Melissa Diaz, at x5899, Office of Accounting and Business Services. An example of a Certificate of Insurance can be found: Certificate of Liability Insurance.

The following information is needed to comply with the request:

  • Name of Certificate Holder
  • Contact Person
  • Address of Certificate Holder
  • Phone Number
  • Additional information (e.g. naming of additional insured, notice of cancellation)

A certificate will be requested from the university's insurance broker and forwarded to the company upon request. Please allow at least five business days for processing.

When other parties enter into contracts with the university and the university has requested proof of insurance, please forward a copy of these certificates of insurance to the Office of Accounting and Business Services, Attention: Melissa Diaz. Please see the NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS/VENDORS/FACILITY USERS FORM for the required specifications on all certificates naming the University as a certificate holder.

Property Insurance

The University carries blanket property insurance on University property to protect against damage/loss of property. If an incident occurs involving University property, please contact the Public Safety department to file a report and Melissa Diaz, x5899 in the Office of Accounting and Business Services. The responsible department pays a $250 deductible and $100 replacement cost for damaged/lost University property. Risk Management funds the excess (if any) of the deductible and replacement cost.

The University reserves the right to seek reimbursement from the authorized individual/department if an investigation shows misuse of said property or negligence was involved that resulted in the incident.

Please complete a claim form and submit to Melissa Diaz at